LPC1768 Pin functions

I created this because i wouldn't have the to look at the datasheet whenever I needed another pin, when making
PCB's. This is quite helpful (For me at least)

Feel free to copy and distribute. (Updated with mbed pins)


Nenad did it too, but in a IC like format, here


02 Jul 2010

Nice! Maybe also add a column with mbed module pin numbers?

02 Jul 2010

Consider it done!
Will update table soon as possible.


02 Jul 2010

user avatar Igor Skochinsky wrote:

Nice! Maybe also add a column with mbed module pin numbers?


02 Jul 2010 . Edited: 02 Jul 2010

Updated with mbed pins :-)

And now what pins are interruptable.

08 Jul 2010 . Edited: 08 Jul 2010


01 Oct 2010

Very useful, thank you!

08 Oct 2010

Yes indeed very useful, you should stick it in the cookbook under the reference section!

08 Oct 2010

Just did,



20 Jan 2011

Does anybody have a raw spreadsheet version of this table?

21 Jan 2011 . Edited: 21 Jan 2011

What do you mean by raw spreadsheet? (Seen, but never understood the word spreadsheet)

Is it something I can convert it to?
I have the original Excel (I hope, cuz I bricked my laptop....)



I found the Excel file, where should I send it? :-)



21 Jan 2011


Yes.  That's exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted it for tracking functions I'm hooking to the pins.

Thanks so much for the file.


21 Jan 2011

No problem Bob.


11 Dec 2011

I got a laminated card with the mbed that shows USB and ethernet pins which don't get mbed numbers.

1. like the LED mbed pins designations it would be good to add those here. It isn't immediately obvious which ones are the ethernet port/pin combos i.e. port 1_9 vs port 1_10.

2. do the ethernet pins have the possibility of other uses? I presume they could be DigitalInOut if they were defined in PinNames.h

, USBTX = P0_2  and USBRX = P0_3 are defined similar to the LEDx, and I suppose those are available if you
are disconnected from the host PC.
27 Dec 2011

The blue colored P1.X, that is placed before the Grey colored ethernet states that you could use those as DigitalIn & Out.

The ethernet is connected through a PHY, so the LPC1768 itself, hasn't got direct connection to the outer pins on the mbed board.

If you look carefully, you'll see the LED designators in the lower left corner.


09 Dec 2012 . Edited: 09 Dec 2012


mbed Pin p7  Func4 says MAT3.1

According to schematic   http://mbed.org/media/uploads/chris/lpc1768-refdesign-schematic.pdf    it should be MAT2.1 !!!!

(If true then all 4 MAT's of counter2 are available. Hurray, hurray, hurray!)


I checked here:   http://www.nxp.com/documents/data_sheet/LPC1769_68_67_66_65_64_63.pdf    ( look at page 9, table 4)

LPC1768 chip pin78 (=mbed Pin p7) has MAT2.1

02 Aug 2013

Make it easy to see what pins do what which is great. It also make it easy to see what pins DON'T come off of a MBED board. Looks like I'll have to go stright to my on PCB. Oh well.

15 Apr 2014

I believe there is a mistake with pins 20 & 21.

Pin 20 is P1.31 and pin 21 is P1.30 - Function 1 - that's OK

Then Function 2 should be reserved.

Functions 2 & 3 become Functions 3 & 4 - That is AD0.4 and AD0.5 are function 4.

John K.

28 Jul 2014

Hey could anyone tell me the connections to be made to interface an LCD....i have no idea as to which pins of the mbed board must be used for this

14 Apr 2015
I found an error: p7/P0.7 should be MAT2.1, not MAT3.1

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