LPC11U24 Pin functions

Threw together a table of pin functions for the new mbed LPC11U24.

Feel free to copy and distribute


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04 Apr 2012

The mbed pins p27 & p28 are open-drain, so if you're going to use those as outputs,

and wan't them to go high, remember a pull-up resistor.

You cannot pull those high internally. Not even a weak pull-up.

15 Jun 2013

re controlling pins: ..found my answer, here: http://mbed.org/handbook/DigitalIn

15 Jun 2013

The default hello-world program you get when you make a new program already does that. If you want to drive a different pin, replace 'LED1' by one of the other LEDs, or for example p10 for pin 10. (Assuming you have one of the LPC mbeds).

15 Jun 2013

thanks Erik, got it, suddenly clicked ! :-)

27 Jun 2013

Thanks for this!

28 Jun 2013

of course this assumes that the chip is in FUNC1 and not in Func 2-4, right ?

28 Jun 2013

Every pin can be in a different function. So if you make a pin a DigitalOut, that pin will be set correctly to be a digital out.

02 Aug 2013

can any one say how to enable timer in nxp lpc11u24, can you send answer

02 Aug 2013

any one say stepper motor program for lpc11u24

11 Oct 2016

pin 15 to 20 will be analog input and output or only analog input anyone will you please suggest

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