LPC11U24 - LQFP48 test

So.... I bought a couple of LPC11U24FBD48/401, and hoped they work. I also wanted to make a simple board for those, only for testing.


The board came out like this with LPC11U24 and VREG on, except the USB connector, which is MIA. I haven't fired it up yet, but when I do, I will return here with updates.

The board contains som LEDs just for blinky stuff right now, but when the USB connector arrives, I want to try out the USB stuff from the site.

That being said, I hope this works.

Be good!



Just tested it, after adding a wire from P0.3 to GND, so the ISP via UART would wake up.


16-06-2012 - Test with USB Bootloader and USB Device software.

PCB now:


Of course some defects sneaked in the circuit. First of, the BSS84, was not connected with source to 3.3V, but to GND. That's corrected with the straight red wire.
The Gate was connected to pin P0.10, instead of P0.6, this was corrected with the orange wire over the LPC11U24.

Then just for easy ISP'ing, added the switch to the right, as well as a resistor, which is pulled up to run user application, with no interaction.

The bootloader works perfectly, downloads .BIN files directly from mbed.org's compiler,
and runs smoothly on the LPC11U24. I've tried USBKeyboard and USBMouse for now, will test the other later on.

Thanks to NXP and mbed for a fantastic product, and a easy developing environment.

EDIT: 30-06-2013

Someone asked for the Eagle library of the LPC11U24FBD48. Here it is: /media/uploads/Lerche/lpc11u24fbd48.lbr Should be good, but be certain to check my work. I've created numerous boards with this part, works like a charm!


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31 Jan 2012

Where did you get the chip from ??? Farnell, apparently will not have them untill may!!!!!! (64 pin any way)

Also, does the code generated by MBED work on smaller parts, .... looks like it does :)



01 Feb 2012

Digikey was my source :-) According to Digikeys site, the 64 pin version is available.

The only difference between this MCU and the 64 pin, is the pin count. Nothing else, same memory and all (as far as I can tell). This is very nice, when designing space-constricted PCBs.


01 Feb 2012

Great work! I was going to have a bash at doing this when the silicon became available. You beat me to it!


01 Feb 2012

Thanks Martin.

Next boards I'll do is with SIM900 and some external memory. But that'll be pro greens solder mask boards :-D


16 Jun 2012

Hello Christian, You are very skillfull. I thought about my own board with LPC chip, but I am not able to design PCB in Eagle or so. Thumb up for You.

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