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As I was adding some functionality to pyOCD, I got close to its implementation (still not enough!).

Articles on my blog:

1. Debugging pyOCD gdb server, tips how to get data which are going to be flashed. Helped me to find a root cause of locking KL25Z chip

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19 Dec 2013

Nice article!

I was wondering, do you think it would be possible to use pyOCD to unlock the chip instead of using the jlink console. It would be nice to provide a kind of console to pyOCD as well :)

Cheers, Sam

21 May 2014


I have tried pyOCD with FRDM-KL25Z. It is amazingly simple.

I would like to use it as an universal programmer for Cortex-M with Python scripting. After inspecting its flash*.py, I found flash_algo{'instrctions'=''}

I suppose it is a piece of code running in RAM. But I can not find the source code, and I suppose it should be built for specific microcontroller since flash algorithm is device dependent and compiler dependent.

Any related information can be shared with us?

22 May 2014

I can not access your in China. Instead, I used domestic domain to access it, such as, and others.

I want to add more chips, but I don't know how. Since you have added many FSL chips, would you please tell me how to add more chips?

Thanks in advance.

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