A library for Freescale MCU which contain TSI peripheral, just for Kinetis L version. Because they use "lighter" version of TSI peripheral.

Dependents:   kl25z-tinyshell-demo tsi_slider_light_senso_LED frdm_tsi_slider_led_blend demo_slider ... more

This library is "fork" of the TSI library created by the mbed team.

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Thu Mar 26 20:41:18 2015 +0000
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fixed for KL05Z tsi sensor...

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--- a/tsi_sensor.h	Mon Aug 04 07:43:15 2014 +0000
+++ b/tsi_sensor.h	Thu Mar 26 20:41:18 2015 +0000
@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@
      * @throws compile-time error if target is not supported, or runtime error if pin does not match any channel.
     static uint8_t getTSIChannel(PinName pin) {
-#if   defined (TARGET_KL25Z)        
+#if   defined (TARGET_KL25Z) || defined (TARGET_KL05Z)
         switch(pin) {
             //these are 
             case PTA0: return 1;
@@ -128,8 +128,10 @@
             case PTB17: return 10;
             case PTB18: return 11;
             case PTB19: return 12;
+            #ifdef TARGET_KL25Z
             case PTC0: return 13;
             case PTC1: return 14;
+            #endif
             default: error("PinName provided to TSIElectrode::getTSIChannel() does not correspond to any known TSI channel.");
 # else