A library for Freescale MCU which contain TSI peripheral, just for Kinetis L version. Because they use "lighter" version of TSI peripheral.

Dependents:   kl25z-tinyshell-demo tsi_slider_light_senso_LED frdm_tsi_slider_led_blend demo_slider ... more

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Constructors with PinNames


Here's a first attempt at adding a mapping from PinNames to TSI channels.

I've created new constructors for TSIElectrode and TSIAnalogSlider, and a static function in TSIElectrode that performs the lookup. I only have data for the KL25Z.

This now makes it possible to instantiate a slider with ids defined in PinNames.h, e.g.: TSIAnalogSlider tsi(TSI_ELEC0, TSI_ELEC1, 40);

I've tested that this works on a KL25Z, but have not tested the error cases yet.

The previous way of constructing objects with TSI channel numbers is untouched and still available.

Fork of tsi_sensor library that allows object construction with pin names instead of TSI channels

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05 Aug 2014

Thanks, will look at it soon.