reverted HTTPCLient debug back to defaulted off

Dependencies:   MTS-Cellular MTS-Serial MTS-Socket MTS-Test MTS-Utils

Fork of mtsas by MS-Emphysys


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
36:44c7fa53d196 2016-03-11 JonB reverted HTTPCLient debug back to defaulted off default tip
35:510aede9cb7c 2016-03-11 JonB reverted HTTPCLient debug back to defaulted off
34:260b435395b7 2016-02-04 kruenhec Added hardware reset of modem, including the option from debugMenu=>SystemSetup
33:71edd52daf07 2016-01-28 kruenhec Doubled the chunk size in HTTP Client to address the serial rx byte dropped problem.
32:2a66495d1179 2016-01-27 kruenhec Eliminated extra http debug information because it bogged down the system.
31:d916a023ea4f 2016-01-26 kruenhec Enabled extra debug information from http client
30:e71ec69a79ca 2015-09-22 kruenhec Modified CheckSignalStrength() so that is returns Levels of 1-5. Modified GetNetworkTime() so that it returns a populated tm structure
29:1ad36372776c 2015-09-15 kruenhec increased chunk size
28:b9a799b645f9 2015-09-15 kruenhec Increased chunk size
27:98e8a81d551a 2015-08-19 JonB Removed unneeded files, combined as needed. added mux calls, Validated/Fixed HW definitions and/or made some names more consistent;
26:d86f7b0e637c 2015-08-07 reedbds Trying to get the MTSAS full library with sub-libraries into The Pez Team
25:eda3f35dde0d 2015-06-25 mfiore update to MultiTech official versions of sub libraries
24:efa4a5981370 2015-03-25 mfiore update sub libs, synchronized with internal Git repo, accepted dev pull requests
23:0d014339fe77 2015-03-24 mfiore update MTS-Socket
22:54092803b1e7 2015-03-24 mfiore update MTS-Socket
21:a9d7ee8ea685 2015-03-16 Vanger Updating MTS libraries to the latest revisions
20:2bd0cb06ead3 2015-02-10 mfiore update MTS-Socket to get HTTPS support
19:d51b3482a511 2015-02-03 mfiore update MTS-Cellular: add AT#SCFG command to EasyIP init
18:2cc5ee5a24a3 2015-01-27 mfiore update sub libraries to links
17:bb3710d824db 2014-12-16 Mike Fiore update .hgsub to point to MBED
16:66e8f15b2d72 2014-12-03 Mike Fiore add .hgsub for MTS-Cellular/Socket/Serial/Utils/Test subrepositories
15:a84365d91b0b 2014-12-03 Mike Fiore add .hgignore file
14:3f6fe12506d8 2014-11-11 mfiore MTS-Cellular: pull updates to get LTE support
13:45f3c6dbd646 2014-10-21 Vanger Implemented changes in the socket close() functions to include a shutdown boolean, matching the socket API for mbed.
12:e25f34a8c589 2014-10-21 Vanger Updated socket API to support close() calls with a clear buffer flag.
11:2e4b1146a1ae 2014-08-22 mfiore update all sub libraries to include support for non-UIP versions of SocketModems
10:b599bdb14c12 2014-07-09 mfiore update MTS-Cellular and MTS-Socket with bug fixes
9:a6996a7609bb 2014-06-23 mfiore update sub libs Socket and Cellular
8:c4a4e7dd0aa1 2014-06-19 mfiore update MTS-Cellular
7:dd01a7538c61 2014-06-19 mfiore update sub libs
6:dea276e96927 2014-06-17 mfiore update sub libs to latest
5:2d49415f65b5 2014-06-03 mfiore update sub libs; add headers from HTTPClient
4:7f87628688cd 2014-05-29 mfiore update MTS-Cellular
3:2e4f3bf00e3f 2014-05-22 mfiore merge changes
2:da111c896e9f 2014-05-22 Mike Fiore add CellularFactory include to mtsas.h
1:354f26949a41 2014-05-22 mfiore update sub libs
0:60d8870d0ef6 2014-05-21 mfiore initial commit; added mtsas.h with all headers except from MTS-Test/; added 5 libs (Cellular, Serial, Socket, Test, Utils)