Provide an easy-to-use way to manipulate ESP8266.

Dependencies:   ArduinoAPI

Fork of WeeESP8266 by ITEAD STUDIO


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
25:445eff0d0f2a 2017-04-24 JojoS ESP support. Only for testing, maybe not working; default tip
24:f33be52d0265 2015-03-29 JojoS command 'createTCP' and 'registerUDP' failed unnecessarily because of wrong checking answoer: module responds with 'ALREAY CONNECT' (with typo), but is checked against 'ALREADY'.
23:b888991fd6fd 2015-03-28 JojoS - added Baudrate to constructor; - removed delay in read status
22:9b876a9b2f80 2015-03-14 JojoS modified constructor: new argument for baudrate, default to 9600 for compatibility with original lib
21:d1a7f48ab3ba 2015-02-11 itead Update docs
20:f9d1fec2d712 2015-02-10 itead Update ArduinoAPI Library
19:bf27d1896a21 2015-02-10 itead Update ArduinoAPI
18:084505f146e0 2015-02-09 itead Update ArduinoAPI library
17:60ab5d5686d3 2015-02-07 itead Fixed bug: get ipstatus command.
16:80c08e69c31a 2015-02-07 itead Disable Debug Log System.
15:5c5a85e984a8 2015-02-07 itead Fixed bugs: receive data +IPD
14:6a9414577daa 2015-02-07 itead Update send methods
13:81f2548212e5 2015-02-07 itead Update ESP8266::startTCPServer
12:bc44038bfd32 2015-02-07 itead Add ArduinoAPI library
11:e9bee504024d 2015-02-07 itead Add log.h
10:002615561b0b 2015-02-07 itead Okay
9:dec2cf52b744 2015-02-07 itead All code done!
8:60d15efb4a1f 2015-02-07 itead Update
7:d54995c9e1d4 2015-02-06 itead All AT Command Done.
6:18eb2d9fb2ac 2015-02-06 itead okay
5:5fa655d7212c 2015-02-06 itead okay
4:c8e2381d34d2 2015-02-06 itead API Definition Okay!
3:9f745022331a 2015-02-06 itead All API Defined!
2:fb209f93f3f1 2015-02-06 itead Rename ESP8266AT to ESP8266
1:edc634cad906 2015-02-05 itead Define API 50 %
0:d3b93948c925 2015-02-05 itead First commit for ESP8266AT library. It is empty!