Workshop example



RevisionDateWhoCommit message
35:42b3fba640b1 2019-05-21 JimCarver Simple version for workshop default tip
34:a5724eeaaf9d 2019-03-27 screamer Remove unnecessary macros
33:cfd9430e7d1e 2019-03-27 screamer Improve inline documentation
32:2871fbeb627d 2019-03-26 screamer Report float values for accelerometer, magnometer and gyroscope
31:da14aa77f977 2019-03-11 screamer Revert back to Mbed OS 5.10.4 due to issues to fit in RAM2 on GCC_ARM
30:15743b79c6cb 2019-03-09 screamer Update to Mbed OS 5.11.5 and latest ISM43362 driver
29:6ff737b67e7d 2019-03-07 screamer Detect storage mount failure and reformat
28:0e774865873d 2019-03-04 screamer The example program now report all sensors
27:6e1cfc981983 2018-12-18 screamer Temporarily revert back to mbed-os-5.10.4
26:4c6610d4f6a4 2018-12-18 screamer Remove QSPIF driver, now provided by mbed-os-5.11
25:6682924c7185 2018-12-18 screamer Update to mbed-os-5.11.0
24:06bc66f01baf 2018-12-16 screamer Update the DISCO_L475VG_IOT01A bootloader
23:3188a43749a9 2018-12-16 screamer Update the default WiFi SSID/password
22:d0acfe03946c 2018-12-16 screamer Fix uncommitted changes
21:26beefd01ce7 2018-12-16 screamer Reorganize drivers
20:a9aab92d378b 2018-12-16 screamer Inline documentation for main app
19:503bae65b9bd 2018-12-16 screamer Reorganize drivers
18:a15bfe7aaebd 2018-12-16 screamer Reorganize sensors
17:fc98adcf835a 2018-12-16 screamer Cosmetic changes to main application
16:70374ab2404f 2018-12-11 screamer Use BUTTON1 instead of USER_BUTTON for reseting the board
15:a0430d40a918 2018-12-10 screamer Updates to application
14:2f3456616212 2018-12-10 screamer Update mbed_app.json
13:42b49a0caade 2018-12-10 screamer Add more sensors to main app, but disabled by default due to secure connect issues
12:1f1a50e973db 2018-12-10 screamer Update to main application
11:8df4529f060d 2018-12-10 screamer Make use of the physical button and 2 sensors (temp & humidity)
10:b27c962b3c3f 2018-12-08 screamer Update example to Pelion Client and Mbed OS 5.10.4. Also prepare repo to expose sensors in the cloud
9:265744785d33 2018-10-14 MarceloSalazar Add support for FW Update
8:18cf5ea7f4c5 2018-10-14 MarceloSalazar Simplified example
7:816e19453a7f 2018-07-13 MarceloSalazar Add _RTE_ workaround for issue #7422 in 5.9.2
6:e0e1e1b93099 2018-07-10 adustm Add DISCO_F413ZH
5:8d7b1da4f6fa 2018-07-06 adustm Increase APP MAIN STACK SIZE
4:cf7342047b4d 2018-07-06 adustm Update for public cloud client version
3:9f646544d302 2018-07-06 adustm Update libraries
2:def96d631971 2018-03-23 adustm Update Wifi driver to rev #43817d8fe90469c57d
1:e86b1cffc402 2018-02-23 adustm Add initial files
0:72fe5fb6309c 2018-02-23 adustm Init files