Control an array or chain of NeoPixel-compatible RGB LEDs. "NeoPixel" is Adafruit's name for WS2812- and WS2811-based addressable RGB LEDs. This library should work with any WS2811- or WS2812-based devices. Both the 400kHz and 800kHz protocols are supported. Most example code uses bit-banging to generate the timed signal precisely. This library uses an SPI peripheral instead. The main advantage of this is that the chip can service interrupts and the like without disrupting the signal (as long as the interrupts don't take _too_ long). The main disadvantage is that it requires the use of an SPI peripheral.

Dependencies:   BurstSPI

Dependents:   mbed_ws2812b easyNeo WS2811_Solidarite blip_rainbow ... more

This library depends on, and supports whatever that library supports. Currently, this is:

  • LPC1768
  • LPC1114
  • LPC11U24
  • KL25Z
  • KL46Z
  • Nucleo L152RE

PixelArray has been tested on LPC1768, 11U24 and 1114. Adding support for another platform is as simple as adding BurstSPI support for it.

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