Fork of cc3000_hostdriver_mbedsocket by Martin Kojtal


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
50:64f025c8d3e3 2015-10-17 JackB None default tip
49:e3dd66598322 2015-10-16 JackB Trying with Nucleo F446RE (no luck)
48:192e2fde71e9 2015-02-28 frankvnk Have TCPSocketServer::accept return the real accept values as defined in; Fixed cc3000::init(const char *ip, const char *mask, const char *gateway) - missing _wlan.start(0);
47:a63fe1a4f568 2015-01-20 dreschpe add access to nvmem functions to enable firmware update
46:ca8c234997c0 2013-11-10 Kojto ping reports masking removal
45:50ab13d8f2dc 2013-11-06 Kojto complete Ethernet interface
44:960b73df5981 2013-10-13 Kojto all _DEBUG_ are set to 0, toggle to enable/disable, doxygen doc for new ethernet interface functions
43:864437b6c058 2013-10-12 SolderSplashLabs Disabled debugging
42:bd2c631a031a 2013-10-12 SolderSplashLabs Added David's IRQ checking before re-enabling the IRQ.; Modified the is_connected function, connect + dhcp are needed ; Moved inet_ntoa_r to the socket class, not sure this is the best place, but other conversion functions live here.
41:eb1999bd50fb 2013-10-12 SolderSplashLabs Removed a debug timer, added debug messages to callback function
40:acb9324640c4 2013-10-12 SolderSplashLabs Merged with Martin's
39:03ac37ab34eb 2013-10-12 SolderSplashLabs Added mbed ethernet library compatability, get ip, gateway and sub mask functions. Added enabled flag so we know when the module is enabled. Smart config tweaks
38:1d374a7f0c0d 2013-10-08 SolderSplashLabs Enabling debugging
37:3332f57b7f1e 2013-10-12 Kojto GCC conflict with FD_SET
36:1f70a62a160e 2013-10-09 Kojto smart config start - erased delete all profiles
35:9dd909fb7caf 2013-10-08 Kojto disable debug messages by default
34:1ad18123bf11 2013-10-08 Kojto doxygen comments added by Frank V., htonl in Endpoint
33:9e23b24fb4f3 2013-10-08 Kojto Removed code (set buffers) - non-sense, doxygen comments for simple link class
32:e62d7252401e 2013-10-06 Kojto TCP/UDP client/server old implementation removal
31:7b6e85b68b01 2013-10-06 Kojto Doxygen comments above each class
30:251a0a7d88de 2013-10-06 Kojto TCP/UDP client/server removal (my own versions)
29:c40918cd9b6d 2013-10-06 Kojto TCP accept - big endian s_addr, doxygen comments (on going)
28:8c7cc1c76ff8 2013-10-05 Kojto Commented select on UDP write (send), return in TCP receive
27:5118ab0f6aa4 2013-10-04 SolderSplashLabs Removed conflict
26:456f73ed2a75 2013-10-04 SolderSplashLabs Commit to merge branches
25:4d4072a9cc12 2013-10-03 SolderSplashLabs Added comments and fixed typos
24:ba3fa29197ac 2013-10-03 SolderSplashLabs Fixed comments
23:fed7f64dd520 2013-10-03 SolderSplashLabs Added separate debug messages and VT100 formatting
22:d23c59fec0dc 2013-10-03 SolderSplashLabs Separate Debug defines and VT100 colour
21:fb34ac8d9af5 2013-10-03 SolderSplashLabs Added HCI Command Logging;
20:30b6ed7bf8fd 2013-10-03 Kojto UNIX line endings
19:9fdf8b4e41bf 2013-10-03 Kojto return values from get_mac/set_mac
18:7e22775eadb9 2013-10-02 SolderSplashLabs Websocket demo showed that if gethostbyname failed and returned it still went ahead. Added checking to the gethostbyname call in Endpoint.cpp
17:14b6a3a2b622 2013-10-02 Kojto Hci print internal, Endpoint - unix ending lines
16:f3676ae62f96 2013-10-02 SolderSplashLabs Merged martins changes with mine
15:aae737ca3dd2 2013-10-02 SolderSplashLabs Missed a #define
14:28c8bbbea025 2013-10-02 SolderSplashLabs More debug changes, 3 separate levels of debug
13:5e36c267e62f 2013-10-02 SolderSplashLabs Now using a #define for debug printing control, allowing redirection and modification in a single place
12:1c2a856c618a 2013-10-02 Martin Kojtal Debug messages (\r\n), socket bsd naming
11:5e3771b29385 2013-10-01 SolderSplashLabs Added \r\n to all debug messages; Fixed debug message displaying the port no incorrectly
10:7069c5f1e6f4 2013-10-01 Kojto sendTo (select commented out)
9:4d12b82bc767 2013-10-01 Kojto socket set to -1 (closing)
8:4c42ca37ba33 2013-09-30 Kojto Endpoint::set_address correction with IP returned from gethostbyname; Socket - sock_fd set to -1 when socket is closed (still not handling return type. Will add later)
7:99b75a51e168 2013-09-26 Kojto correction in socket.cpp (copied text twice)
6:ac602a158403 2013-09-26 Kojto removed 2 unused methods in cc3000 class
5:245ac5b73132 2013-09-26 Kojto tcp implementation
4:15b58c119a0a 2013-09-21 Kojto mbed socket interface changes; - socket init (creates upd/tcp socket); - debug prints; host driver changes; - blocking call when closing socket (Frank's recommedation); - delete profiles (user info retrieved, then erased)
3:ad95e296bfbf 2013-09-19 Kojto buffer clean up
2:c43a6fe1f89a 2013-09-19 Kojto buffer removed
1:c7b8f55e0ca1 2013-09-19 Kojto added common.h
0:615c697c33b0 2013-09-19 Kojto initial commit