Lora support for the STM B_L072Z_LRWAN1 board out of the box. Also supports HopeRF RFM95, Murata CMWX1ZZABZ and Semtech SX1276MB1MAS/SX1276MB1LAS modules.

Dependencies:   BufferedSerial SX1276GenericLib mbed USBDeviceHT

Fri Feb 23 12:57:25 2018 +0000
Added Heltec L4 board Pins into PinMap.h; Added USBDevice library to support USBSerial console IO; Moved helper code into utils.cpp; Moved dprintf support with var args and serial or USBSerial output.; Added compile time version support to set RTC to compi...

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Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 1 /*
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 2 * Copyright (c) 2018 Helmut Tschemernjak
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 3 * 30826 Garbsen (Hannover) Germany
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 4 * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0);
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 5 */
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 6
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 7 #include "mbed.h"
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 8 #include "PinMap.h"
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 9 #include "BufferedSerial.h"
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 10 #ifdef FEATURE_USBSERIAL
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 11 #include "USBSerialBuffered.h"
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 12 #endif
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 13 #include "GenericPingPong.h"
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 14
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 15
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 16 extern BufferedSerial *ser;
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 17 #ifdef FEATURE_USBSERIAL
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 18 extern USBSerialBuffered *usb;
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 19 #endif
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 20 extern bool _useDprintf;
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 21 extern void InitSerial(int timeout, DigitalOut *led);
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 22 extern void dump(const char *title, const void *data, int len, bool dwords = false);
Helmut64 0:c43b6919ae15 23
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 24 extern void dprintf(const char *format, ...) __attribute__((format(printf,1,2)));
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 25 extern void rprintf(const char *format, ...) __attribute__((format(printf,1,2)));
Helmut64 17:98f2528e8399 26 extern void VAprintf(bool timstamp, bool newline, bool printEnabled, const char *format, va_list arg);