INSAT Mini Project


Fork of X_NUCLEO_6180XA1 by ST


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
59:f1110f5e3d90 2018-02-20 Hamdi Light cloud Mini Project default tip
58:1e9a3a46f814 2017-08-21 nikapov Make compatible with non-copyable version of I2C.
57:fa4c622b04a7 2017-03-13 Davidroid Aligned to ARM mbed coding style.
56:37d1736bd896 2017-03-13 Aligning to ARM mbed coding style.
55:a37f407230ca 2017-03-03 Davidroid Some modifications to fit mbed coding style.
54:17f3bb228b13 2016-11-30 mapellil Aligned GetLux and GetDistance API with ST_INTERFACES, added isSensorxxPresentAPI, other minor fix.
53:663a22f7c44d 2016-09-27 Davidroid ST_INTERFACES added.
52:fca21e149934 2016-09-27 Davidroid ST_INTERFACES added.
51:229ea522cff8 2016-09-12 mapellil Disabled INT generation on 6180 GPIO1 pin in case of als or range single shot polling measures.
50:18e064bfb156 2016-09-09 mapellil Added the GetDistance and GetLux API doing respectively a synchronous range_single_shot_polling and als_single_shot_polling measure in blocking mode
49:f0dd44dd59c5 2016-06-15 mapellil Removed board destructor (because of singleton object)
48:e799ad44dab7 2016-06-07 Fixed I2C address in component descriptor to default val after component PowerOn/Off.
47:2fc173b227d4 2016-05-23 mapellil Aligned Component/Interface/Component_class.h to automatic conversion script output generating Component class instead of GenericSensor class.
46:116dadbc80f1 2016-05-19 mapellil Fixed /Components/Interfaces/GenericSensor.h model and its vl6180xa1 inheritors classes.
45:70e4abd970a9 2016-03-15 mapellil functions VL6180x_I2Cxx are now called passing dev rather than Device as a function argument
44:36d12d319078 2016-03-15 mapellil fixed vl6180x destructor
43:8120a1ff3055 2016-03-14 mapellil Removed not initialized PinName variable
42:692c6223dc24 2016-03-11 fabiombed Now you can use NC as InterruptIn
41:2e00362bdb8e 2016-03-03 mapellil Check if 6180 InterruptIn pin is NC do not register call back function.
40:b4d20279e312 2016-02-24 mapellil Fixed VL6180X::VL6180x_UpdateByte passing dangling pointer to I2cWrite
39:3cce4ba37695 2016-01-18 mapellil Fixed array init gcc compilation issue in Display.h
38:18abb7f7dcb2 2015-12-03 mapellil Fixed compilation warnings
37:837cffa6b530 2015-11-27 mapellil Renamed GPIOs using Arduino names for multi vendor compatibility
36:f6278b3e7c82 2015-11-24 mapellil Exposed GPIOs on constructor, code cleanup, doxy comment
35:407b0b127eb8 2015-11-18 mapellil Removed vl6180x_api.h, added doxy comments to API
34:5bcffb4c5b47 2015-11-17 Added DisplayDigit function to Display class
33:1573db91352c 2015-11-17 Added Switch class, added self contained Display class, added STMPE1600 component
32:ef97c377d27b 2015-11-10 mapellil Extended Doxy doc
31:f99c53a51917 2015-11-09 mapellil Added Doxygen doc
30:75bf50276881 2015-11-09 mapellil fixed some doxygen comments
29:6d6b67e2e212 2015-11-06 gallonm Updated AlsSetThresholds function
28:7c9031e96c22 2015-11-05 gallonm Settled AlsSetThresholds function that takes the parameters in lux.
27:22c6f69967d9 2015-11-04 gallonm Updated printed messages.
26:db0cdc5ecc0a 2015-11-04 gallonm Settled AlsSetThresholds and AlsGetThresholds.
25:126b760a3f55 2015-11-02 gallonm Included X_NUCLEO_COMMON library
24:025afc3fe30f 2015-11-02 gallonm Modified file cfg.h by introducing #define EXTENDED_RANGE_50CM.
23:dfb5ccc7b780 2015-10-30 gallonm Updated Display_class.h
22:1a6327e9a7e6 2015-10-28 gallonm Updated destructor of x_nucleo_6180xa1.h; Fixed VL6180x_cfg.h
21:5fb360508b6e 2015-10-28 gallonm Updated VL6180x_class.h
20:dd8390d615bf 2015-10-28 gallonm Removed PollDelay and introduced simply wait_ms function.; Updated file platform.h.; Fixed all FIXME.; Fixed error printing.; Updated x_nucleo_6180xa1.cpp file.
19:39ea6bab0e5b 2015-10-28 mapellil Removed some undefined funct preventing the lib to be self contained. Added Serial pc global variable.
18:c98aa73dc4a5 2015-10-27 gallonm Update all files
17:922c88827e4d 2015-10-27 gallonm Updated display
16:0d4776564733 2015-10-27 gallonm Added display class.
15:454710d17358 2015-10-20 gallonm Fixed the function StartMeasurement
14:0effa0bbf192 2015-10-19 gallonm Fixed the function Prepare() (disabled gpio interrupt by default)
13:6736a00a0aa9 2015-10-13 gallonm Deleted a comment in x_nucleo_6180xa1.h
12:71d589e6fd2c 2015-10-13 gallonm Introduced virtual functions GetRange and GetLight of the sensor classes.
11:88541229403e 2015-10-06 gallonm Update vl6180x_class.h (SetI2cAddress function)
10:4954b09b72d8 2015-10-06 gallonm Fitted all api files (reinserted original api files)
9:9cbc1736f148 2015-09-29 Fixed i2c wr
8:f943a1fca15f 2015-09-29 fixed i2c functions and code cleanup
7:2dc81120c917 2015-09-25 gallonm update files
6:6a09fe77ad3c 2015-09-18 mapellil added STMPE1600 GpioExp empty files
5:40d1bdb706e0 2015-09-17 gallonm Delete some files
4:a5abf7757947 2015-09-17 gallonm First compile of Init function and ReadID function
3:454541a079f4 2015-09-11 gallonm init function, readID function
2:7684e0b4e40e 2015-09-10 gallonm add file .cpp
1:1de1ea2994d9 2015-09-09 gallonm Added some files
0:1fb1f010ac84 2015-09-08 gallonm 1 commit