My final year project

Dependencies:   BSP_DISCO_F746NG F746_GUI LCD_DISCO_F746NG SDFileSystem TS_DISCO_F746NG ResistiveTouchController Map CYS8218Controller MedianFilter


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
62:58e846621435 2016-10-26 Generic Firmware default tip
61:d16e5ad857ba 2016-10-19 Kerneels Bezuidenhout hg update
60:b6352a55d850 2016-10-19 Generic asdasd
59:e60ea936d9a2 2016-10-19 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added Colors to selected points
58:b60ff0462330 2016-10-19 Generic Fixed SquareScreen
57:0acdf5a3171f 2016-10-19 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added Modifying Square
56:c9389039ecc9 2016-10-19 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added Stuff to square
55:d1a00f344351 2016-10-19 Generic Fixed
54:75dc5c3b7cfc 2016-10-19 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Addeed Square Screen
53:15027ce49702 2016-10-18 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Fixed manual control not starting at zero
52:c9e1974ae332 2016-10-18 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Fixed manual directions
51:7760463a13d1 2016-10-18 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Fixed manual tracking
50:0e0cf6b350f7 2016-10-18 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Testing I
49:a907d4f447a9 2016-10-12 Generic Final version in progress
48:f7ed736d4120 2016-10-10 Generic Almost there
47:c04b0d51e1e3 2016-10-10 Almost final
46:9f66021615f9 2016-10-09 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Testing motors
45:e5b175383624 2016-10-08 Generic Added libs
44:560ed042317c 2016-10-08 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added map to x and y coordinates
43:b80dd92a5bad 2016-10-08 Generic Added map lib;
42:29ce1ff3b220 2016-10-08 Generic Forgot to map the ts;
41:204e2788fb46 2016-10-08 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Testing ResistiveTouchController
40:5fe088a1c81d 2016-10-08 Generic Added ResistiveTouchController
39:7bb23ad4bf87 2016-10-08 Generic Fixed splash screen
38:f1c571d22919 2016-10-08 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added warning splash screen
37:93c7563f2078 2016-10-03 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Fixed calibration
36:9ca4125e526e 2016-10-03 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Test 2 of cal
35:6baa558d3b86 2016-10-03 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Testing calibration
34:0b308a399f72 2016-10-03 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Testing Calibrate logic
33:a14bcc3a093f 2016-10-03 Generic We can do this!
32:d490f8ca6d2a 2016-10-03 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added CalibrationScreen
31:5ece593c49a7 2016-10-03 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Modified ChangeValWholeScreen
30:e8eb64ad8526 2016-10-03 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Testing ChangeTS
29:8f30ba8a1e2e 2016-10-03 Generic Errors on change Ts
28:5b112dfcabe1 2016-10-03 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Fixed ChangeValWholeScreen
27:9d84c6165b07 2016-10-03 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added ChangaValWholeScreen.hpp and ChangaValWholeScreen.cpp
26:f57db8d6d79e 2016-10-03 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added ChangeValWholeScreen
25:bfff3d661f92 2016-10-03 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Testing ChangeValScreen
24:70d7fd892334 2016-10-03 ChangeValScreen work in progress
23:bab197887d5e 2016-10-03 Generic Work in progress version;
22:dd9ff475b34c 2016-10-03 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added AutomaticSettingsScreen
21:aa3074b237e0 2016-10-02 Generic Fixed compile errors
20:70c5b1e499f0 2016-10-02 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added manual setpoint screen
19:ef78ac1a98f8 2016-10-02 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Testing AutomaticControlScreen logic
18:1b9579ac9f41 2016-10-02 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added AutomaticMoreScreen
17:3b6d66253c97 2016-10-02 Generic Added some test logic
16:6b553c9008ec 2016-10-02 Generic Updated F746_GUI
15:bc63b55a426d 2016-10-02 Generic Fixed compile errors and Layout of AutomaticControlScreen
14:5beb6b4850b7 2016-10-02 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added AutomaticControl.cpp and AutomaticControl.hpp
13:21dc070a47a9 2016-10-02 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added AutomaticControlScreen
12:650ae2f4c7df 2016-10-02 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added ManualControlScreen to main logic. And printf functions to test functionalityy
11:e3e259474d2b 2016-10-02 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added ManualControlScreen.cpp and ManualControlScreen.hpp
10:cd8b61305ad6 2016-10-02 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added ManalControlScreen
9:355a59fd962b 2016-10-01 Generic Fixed compiler errors and screens not switching when zero is saved
8:366b49506187 2016-10-02 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added ZeroPlateScreen.cpp and ZeroPlateScreen.hpp
7:1a6e18b818a5 2016-10-02 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added ZeroPlateScreen
6:f717ce705c5d 2016-10-01 Generic Fixed compiler errors. And fixed GUIThread redrawing when not needed;
5:383f1108187d 2016-10-01 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added MainSettingsScreen to GUIThread
4:c40628412489 2016-10-01 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added MainSettingsScreen.hpp and MainSettingsScreen.cpp
3:37f3d9c1eae3 2016-10-01 Kerneels Bezuidenhout Added MainSettingsScreen and some minor changes to button sizes on MainMenuScreen