Official reference client implementation for Cumulocity SmartREST on u-blox C027.

Dependencies:   C027_Support C12832 LM75B MMA7660 MbedSmartRest mbed-rtos mbed

Fork of MbedSmartRestMain by Vincent Wochnik


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
139:f8ab852e83e7 2016-08-08 xinlei Etisalat and Teleena APN. default tip
138:1e37ea2f2357 2016-08-08 xinlei remove unmaintained ssl code
137:a52821cdb108 2016-02-15 xinlei watchdog workaround for mobile connection lost after 24 hours.
136:94add01b668c 2015-08-10 xinlei bump to version 2.2
135:c4009ecaf5c0 2015-08-10 xinlei various clean-ups
134:fb53a2e461b2 2015-08-07 xinlei bump version to v2.2rc1
133:7b6b4e515a0d 2015-08-07 xinlei library updates.
132:a06da6952339 2015-08-07 xinlei SmartRestConf: more host candidates added.
131:ca312ec4bd0f 2015-08-07 xinlei GPSTracker: fix for new data format
130:dc9e37d4bc05 2015-06-29 xinlei PollThread: support for heartbeat message from server.
129:b81a6ed6addc 2015-06-03 xinlei main: removed setting current time at boot
128:fc63f2b5abe2 2015-06-01 xinlei bump version number to v2.1rc6.
127:871e6eb0fa76 2015-06-01 xinlei polling: timeout for long polling set to 610 seconds
126:e1fcf720c63a 2015-06-01 xinlei added network traffic accounting
125:979ab0d075de 2015-06-01 xinlei Poti: sample interval extended to 10 ms.; Polling: pointer null checking in handshake
124:311fa85af2b3 2015-05-29 xinlei measurement: revert timing to use timer to avoid negative time after long run
123:3e4a1ed4bad5 2015-05-27 xinlei Temporary work-around for long polling when server not properly close connection.
122:68217ccb8cd1 2015-05-20 xinlei fix for properly closing a socket when connect failed
121:d4d44550e087 2015-05-20 xinlei disableDebug defautls to error/warning, agent wait 400 ms when sending
120:f85151fa1a8a 2015-05-20 xinlei bump to version v2.1rc5
119:1b6c7d06d933 2015-05-20 xinlei shorten error messages in device integration
118:e831cdb799ab 2015-05-20 xinlei remove useless debug for measurement timeout
117:5de54f09f754 2015-05-20 xinlei device bootstrap revamp
116:4eb3c7e945cf 2015-05-18 xinlei Remove mutex for SmartRestSocket::cachedIP, reverse search for OperationDict::set
115:c54e9731b9de 2015-05-15 xinlei speed up pots sampling when no noticeable change
114:80610be056e2 2015-05-15 xinlei shorten sampling interval for pots
113:3872569be2af 2015-05-15 xinlei data smoothing for pots readings
112:8ab3899c4e3d 2015-05-15 xinlei bump version to v2.1rc4
111:ee9ae4a5e55c 2015-05-15 xinlei bugfix for factory reset has no effect
110:b7a403dbceb6 2015-05-13 xinlei small fix for when there are no pending operations
109:2ec12f10ebf4 2015-05-13 xinlei ReportThread now merges pending state before report.
108:f1ee3e1eb126 2015-05-13 xinlei ConfigSync is now singleton
107:fc5f25f0e0d5 2015-05-13 xinlei OperationSupport revamped
106:c61f0d62b625 2015-05-11 xinlei SmartRestSSLSocket and various bug-fixes for rc3
105:fd3571349e5d 2015-05-08 xinlei quick fix for file renaming.
104:a3703ca4a4a4 2015-05-08 xinlei rename files to meaningful names
103:ede6611e064e 2015-05-08 xinlei hotfix: validate configuration content.
102:ef2827b2d00a 2015-05-08 xinlei bump version number to v2.1rc3
101:dbcd3bc51758 2015-05-08 xinlei v2.1rc3
100:47ea098f8a47 2015-05-07 xinlei prepare for v2.1rc3.
99:e369fc75c000 2015-05-07 xinlei prepare for v2.1rc3.
98:9f2de96941c4 2015-04-27 xinlei Get rid of useless DeviceMemory class wrapper
97:ea056f6be2e8 2015-04-27 xinlei MDMSerial now singleton
96:5dfdc8568e9f 2015-04-27 xinlei LCDDisplay now is singleton
95:010b0f7a0a1a 2015-04-22 xinlei v2.1rc2
94:61d44636f020 2015-04-20 xinlei Integration of new device push code base.
93:0acd11870c6a 2015-04-13 xinlei v2.1rc1
92:48069375dffa 2015-03-20 xinlei Get rid of all annoying warning messages.
91:423177e8a401 2015-03-20 xinlei Code refactoring to ease coupling
90:0525121f307e 2015-03-16 xinlei Display server domain name when booting
89:8ab476939897 2015-03-16 xinlei Bumped version to v2.1rc1.
88:b1de34154513 2015-03-11 xinlei speed up 'factory reset' by placing it before network register
87:a01faf58e938 2015-03-09 xinlei Fine tuning of acceleration threshold with percentage.
86:b49c4cfecc43 2015-03-06 xinlei bugfix: fixed LCD display showing signal quality behind real signal measuring.
85:5dc5a50e4b06 2015-03-06 xinlei Measurements: Removed LCD display flashing when do not send sensor readings.
84:3c8ceb12b773 2015-03-06 xinlei DisplayInfo: added second line for storing signal quality.
83:d83a90423054 2015-03-06 Cumulocity Version 2.0
82:ca7430f50b2b 2015-03-06 xinlei Threshold values tuning for avoiding sending unnecessary sensor readings.
81:4a7761914901 2015-03-04 xinlei Express mode: walk-around for stability issue.
80:757c3ff7b92b 2015-03-04 xinlei Display MCC-MNC when join network fails.