all bms comunicating with nucleo board and balancing

Dependencies:   CANnucleo mbed

Fork of Can_sniffer_BMS_GER by Joao Vieira


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
47:278a5a4326cc 2017-03-01 Crazyaboutmachines eculastworkingversion default tip
46:8fc10f7a8739 2016-12-01 Crazyaboutmachines commit to publish
45:906aa79b2701 2016-11-30 Crazyaboutmachines WorkingDisconnects
44:827c51673d33 2016-11-29 Crazyaboutmachines weird fail
43:11108d5f6ee1 2016-11-29 Crazyaboutmachines first voltage disconnect
42:db111f4ddfff 2016-11-29 Crazyaboutmachines all temperatures disconnect
41:dcd47ac5ffdf 2016-11-29 Crazyaboutmachines first temperature shutdown working
40:54d07c794d87 2016-11-25 Crazyaboutmachines mask and grades implemented
39:90a56ddcdf4a 2016-11-10 Crazyaboutmachines todos bms a enviar tens?es e temperaturas
38:3e01f81f0808 2016-11-09 Crazyaboutmachines reading all ntc voltages
37:1e1f3131fef5 2016-11-09 Crazyaboutmachines readed 1 ntc
36:00ea3ae2cead 2016-11-09 Crazyaboutmachines lee tensoes erradas
35:a8940aaa101f 2016-10-29 Crazyaboutmachines falta s? programar o carregamento total
34:8e99b3f3114c 2016-10-28 Crazyaboutmachines reading cells during discharge
33:74db6193bc6b 2016-10-28 Crazyaboutmachines all cells balancing
32:977a1b5728e4 2016-10-27 Crazyaboutmachines first charging day rev1
31:6427569cadbe 2016-10-25 Crazyaboutmachines all bms comunicating with nucleo board and balancing
30:1bc79ae58a42 2016-10-25 Crazyaboutmachines not reading voltages during discharge
29:3af76325f86a 2016-10-25 Crazyaboutmachines charger coments
28:2329d581e394 2016-10-24 Crazyaboutmachines BMS a activar e desactivar balanceamento
27:21239801cfd3 2016-10-24 Crazyaboutmachines conseguiu activar o balanceamento mas nao desactiva-lo
26:3ac15dfbb66b 2016-10-24 Crazyaboutmachines BMS a activar/desactivar balanceamento
25:76c6f417eb48 2016-10-23 Crazyaboutmachines a apresentar a tens?o de todas as c?lulas organizadamente
24:c9c7dcdcbbc5 2016-10-23 Crazyaboutmachines cell ordering fail
23:1a29761becd2 2016-10-22 Crazyaboutmachines todos os BMS a comunicar com o ECU mas ainda desorganizadamente
22:7960469a1c30 2016-10-22 Crazyaboutmachines import state
21:13ac27349025 2016-10-22 ser1516 comit antes de gerardo mexer
20:eb1a8042605e 2016-08-16 hudakz Updated.
19:872e304d7e17 2016-08-13 hudakz Updated.
18:22977a898fe9 2016-08-11 hudakz Updated.
17:18d4d0ff26a6 2016-08-10 hudakz CAN and CANMessage moved to CANnucleo namespace.
16:a86f339d1c25 2016-07-31 hudakz Reverted to use CANnucleo library and mbed rev. 120
15:6449443e2207 2016-07-29 hudakz Updated
14:e12ebd1260b1 2016-07-27 hudakz Updated
13:e741def3e4ff 2016-07-27 hudakz Modified to use CAN support built into the mbed library.
12:e91e44924194 2016-07-23 hudakz Updated
11:07d927da1a94 2016-03-11 hudakz Updated.
10:66da8731bdb6 2016-03-11 hudakz Updated.
9:8352cfe17ab1 2015-12-23 hudakz Updated.
8:5bf676c35a8f 2015-12-22 hudakz Support for NUCLEO-F302R8, NUCLEO-F303K8, NUCLEO-F334R8 and DISCO-F334C8 added.
7:2dce8ed51091 2015-12-22 hudakz Support for NUCLEO-F303RE added.
6:7ff95ce72f6d 2015-12-05 hudakz Updated for STM32F103C8T6 boards.
5:c6503b7ae971 2015-10-23 hudakz Updated
4:ccf4ac2deac8 2015-07-25 hudakz updated
3:464b06c16d24 2015-07-24 hudakz bug in setting LED status fixed
2:49c9430860d1 2015-07-23 hudakz updated
1:267d6288df33 2015-07-19 hudakz rev 01
0:c5e5d0df6f2a 2015-07-19 hudakz rev 00