Maniacbug's nRF24L01+ arduino library ported to mbed. Functional with minor issues.


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6:56b693b59e16 2013-06-11 Christilut Added nRF connectivity check default tip
5:7463cf21b7fb 2013-06-03 Christilut -
4:491267614a10 2013-05-23 Christilut -
3:b13cafed7ee5 2013-04-25 Christilut -
2:a483f426d380 2013-04-05 Christilut Working, some issues
1:d061e50ccc5d 2013-04-04 Christilut Fixed name
0:eb5b89f49c35 2013-04-04 Christilut v0.1; Ported but not yet working properly