Example of how to use the LTC1865 2-Channel SPI 16-bit ADC.

Dependencies:   mbed

Despite much effort I was unable to achieve adequate internal ADC performance on my LPC1768. I had read a lot of material from the mbed community and other sources and tried various solutions, none of which met my requirement for fast ADC sampling and input processing (so, for instance, ruling out averaging over many ADC input values).

I searched for an external ADC meeting the following criteria: - 2 channels - 16-bit resolution - Fast SPI serial I/O - Single 5V supply - Input resolution 0 to 5V - Low cost - DIP or SO package

The LTC1865 fits the bill!

Here is the datasheet: http://cds.linear.com/docs/en/datasheet/18645fb.pdf

The example code shows how to read the ADC in single-ended mode (i.e. each channel reads 0 to 5V).

Please note that my style is 'old hat', as I come from an iRMX and PL/M background of 30 years ago, but it works!

Import programLTC1865_adc

Example of how to use the LTC1865 2-Channel SPI 16-bit ADC.



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