Monitor for central heating system (e.g. 2zones+hw) Supports up to 15 temp probes (DS18B20/DS18S20) 3 valve monitors Gas pulse meter recording Use stand-alone or with nodeEnergyServer See

Dependencies:   EthernetInterfacePlusHostname NTPClient Onewire RdWebServer SDFileSystem-RTOS mbed-rtos mbed-src


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
23:fd5a5a9f30bc 2015-10-16 Bobty Added index.html file to project for completeness default tip
22:14b4060dd027 2015-10-16 Bobty Re-enabled web folder view on server
21:ccf053bab795 2015-10-16 Bobty Added names to thermometers and pumps; Added file upload and delete
20:7933076df5af 2015-10-13 Bobty Improved logging and added a mutex to avoid clashes on SD card access
19:0367cb46d003 2015-10-05 Bobty Added retries on getting addresses from thermometers; Doubled up on non-volatile storage of latest gas count
18:d419ccebc666 2015-09-28 Bobty Updated to set the hostname of the unit
17:ede9b4bbc4d6 2015-09-28 Bobty Monitor for central heating system (e.g. 2zones+hw); Supports up to 15 temp probes (DS18B20/DS18S20); 3 valve monitors; Gas pulse meter recording; Use stand-alone or with nodeEnergyServer See;
16:89778849e9f7 2015-09-28 Bobty Turned on debugging messages on thermometers; Updated web callbacks method signatures
15:29902a6b3c89 2015-03-03 Bobty Updated libraries
14:3c3aa4fd7e1a 2015-03-03 Bobty Added other sensor readings to web view
13:9ec0e11cf3c1 2015-02-22 Bobty Increased checking on temperature values (bounds and CRC)
12:a52996515063 2015-02-22 Bobty Watchdog implemented and working; Improved logging of events and data
11:30182b9aa833 2015-02-22 Bobty Tidied up a bit
10:72eb217def1f 2015-02-22 Bobty Now sending complete broadcast message with gas count, temperatures and voltage sensing
9:0e103c2f869a 2015-02-22 Bobty Moved thermometer code to separate class
8:5980547ae71c 2015-02-21 Bobty Working with thermometer test code
7:113c68639d10 2015-02-20 Bobty Re-enabled pulse sensing and broadcast capabilities
6:b7064d33e402 2015-02-20 Bobty Removed some functionality in order to thoroughly test the web server in its threaded incarnation - currently there is instability after a few hours constant use.
5:5bccf48799d4 2015-02-17 Bobty Tidied up - but is unstable - web server crashes after some time
4:0d3a207680b0 2015-02-02 Bobty Starting to add SD File System
3:9f00be404f8f 2014-11-07 Bobty Working ok
2:6bfef0839102 2014-11-07 Bobty Working - detects between pulse time and counts total pulses
1:518f39df3485 2014-11-07 Bobty Ethernet reconnects ok
0:f6611c8f453c 2014-11-07 Bobty First working version - doesn't handle ethernet unplugging