Senses an earthquake with MPU6050 and gets time, coordenates and other details of the event with an Adafruit GPS. All the info is sent to an HTTP server

Dependencies:   MPU6050 mbed-http MBed_Adafruit-GPS-Library


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
38:0813e461b835 24 months ago Alvaro13 program reseted default tip
37:fcb5efa391d5 24 months ago Alvaro13 JSON created for HTTP post function
36:32a0a71555f0 24 months ago Alvaro13 First commit!
35:4b847971db1b 2019-01-04 Jan Jongboom Update to Mbed OS 5.11
34:7da6cfc032fc 2018-12-05 Jan Jongboom Update CA
33:2efadc4d8784 2018-10-30 Jan Jongboom Revert back to DEMO_HTTP
32:5fa61ebc2689 2018-10-30 Jan Jongboom Update to Mbed OS 5.10, update to use TLSSocket
31:66704f6f17c5 2018-10-30 Jan Jongboom Update to new mbed-http, which uses TLSSocket mbed-os-5.10
30:4825e4f38844 2018-10-29 Jan Jongboom Update to Mbed OS 5.10, with default network interface mbed-os-5.10
29:5ad8f931e4ff 2018-03-27 Jan Jongboom Move serial baud rate config into mbed_app.json
28:9bccd981a393 2018-03-27 Jan Jongboom Compile without requiring RTOS
27:6554d4f5f1c3 2018-01-25 Jan Jongboom Fix superfluous \r\n after request body in mbed-http
26:22f87edb433c 2018-01-12 Jan Jongboom Set demo back to HTTP
25:a8be9f3a530c 2018-01-11 Jan Jongboom Update mbed-http, add chunked requests
24:9faf23bbfb7f 2018-01-03 Jan Jongboom Bump mbed-http - Fix for
23:6a9d776c9794 2018-01-02 Jan Jongboom Set stack size to 8K
22:1b8c2a81c85d 2018-01-02 Jan Jongboom Update easy-connect, Mbed OS to 5.7.1, add IPv6 example
21:903bdf9a49f4 2017-12-15 Jan Jongboom Update mbed-http
20:d851bc648f9e 2017-11-18 Jan Jongboom Remove heap stats tracking
19:fbf5b033149a 2017-10-26 Jan Jongboom Add note on flash size
18:b661324be638 2017-10-26 Jan Jongboom Example mbed TLS config added, which shaves off 150K
17:97b1dd566b07 2017-09-04 Jan Jongboom Enable entropy sources for ODIN-W2; add note on memory usage
16:1374b4c35897 2017-09-04 Jan Jongboom Update mbed-http, was leaking 1024 bytes of memory in tls_socket
15:65a49b573ba5 2017-07-27 Jan Jongboom Update easy-connect and mbed-os
14:3c173847e681 2017-03-30 Jan Jongboom Bump mbed-http, treat response without Content-Length but with a body as chunked
13:5a210d227769 2017-03-30 Jan Jongboom Bump mbed-http
12:4c226ca06191 2017-03-28 Jan Jongboom Add socket reuse demo's
11:72c089200302 2017-03-28 Jan Jongboom Add socket reuse
10:e79a808ebbe8 2017-03-28 Jan Jongboom Add Lets Encrypt CA, so works again, bump mbed-http
9:6925d0c8c62f 2017-03-02 Jan Jongboom Bump mbed-http, now handles URLs without a path
8:960efb92bd84 2017-03-02 Jan Jongboom Bump mbed-http, now compiles against ARMCC
7:5d32909f77de 2017-02-24 Jan Jongboom Add chunked encoding, make HttpResponse own response headers
6:4a3ed1515bed 2017-02-23 Jan Jongboom Bump mbed-http, rely on is_body_complete() in HTTPS requests too
5:42f713b19337 2017-02-23 Jan Jongboom Rely on Content-Length, allocate body on the heap
4:27fd8efb5bab 2017-02-23 Jan Jongboom Increase MBEDTLS_MPI_MAX_SIZE so HTTPS calls to httpbin work as well
3:0f5859a9e3de 2017-02-16 Jan Jongboom Update mbed-http
2:4b4ac59ff9b0 2017-02-16 Jan Jongboom Move mbed-http into a separate library
1:3bff14db67c7 2017-02-16 Jan Jongboom Add mbed-http
0:85fdc69bc10c 2017-02-15 Jan Jongboom Initial commit