Lib BurstSPI give access to fastWrite function and clearRX function, this lib is now compatible with Nucleo L152RE board

Fork of BurstSPI by Erik -


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5:c9c9ef0a40b9 2014-06-25 Alamalione Add Nucleo F030R8.cpp default tip
4:8585ddebd28b 2014-06-25 Alamalione Version 2.0
3:7d9b64d67b22 2013-07-04 Sissors Refactored code, added version 1 of KL25Z support
2:a8e55f7cbfee 2013-01-04 frankvnk none
1:5ef4a019e0db 2013-01-03 Sissors Small error
0:600eecd89a78 2013-01-03 Sissors v1.0