xrocusOS_ADXL355 version

Dependencies:   mbed SDFileSystem


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
20:2f2687580ecb 22 months ago APS_Lab Ver0.0 default tip
19:36072b9b79f3 22 months ago Inscape_ao add LICENSE.txt
18:f0027b61bc08 23 months ago Inscape_ao change USER LED(Green); PB_7->PC_3; add USER LED(Yellow); PC_2
17:c2709a9c0a68 23 months ago Inscape_ao add RSH command
16:602bc04e3cb5 23 months ago Inscape_ao bugfix fflush->fclose-AND-fopen(a+)
15:35f01ee28b44 23 months ago Inscape_ao update FFlush
14:89665bcef3f0 23 months ago Inscape_ao Rename project (->xrocus); Rename Device Driver(-> ADXL372Drv)
13:7cda5bef6390 23 months ago Inscape_ao add uprintf(UART_printf); (this function can be disabled by uartOn=false)
12:a45a9c65dc03 24 months ago Inscape_ao update LED seq and USER_BUTTON
11:f9f82e74edc0 24 months ago Inscape_ao small BUGFIXed; - in printf :(
10:db2be22bc2f9 24 months ago Inscape_ao add small Device Driver for ADXL372
9:c81d0df866f5 2019-05-13 Inscape_ao add DeviceDriver Interface; add Response (XDS, XFD)
8:b18a8764ecae 2019-05-11 Inscape_ao add TODO comments
7:9ab8809f9693 2019-05-11 Inscape_ao add Repeatable Controllor; add Dummy Devicedriver; add Sensing Control Command; (All Host->Device Commands are already implemented)
6:81a3d517fd56 2019-05-09 Inscape_ao 2019-05-08_small-changed
5:a37e3a15444b 2019-04-24 Inscape_ao add SDDataStore ; and SD Control commands (SDS, SDE, SDW[for Test])
4:bec3f80dc49c 2019-04-24 Inscape_ao marge SDFileSystem and add sampleCode
3:0b15d40e3d12 2019-04-23 Inscape_ao add TimeManager and Time control commands
2:a694440145e9 2019-04-23 Inscape_ao add TimeManager
1:71c9c97c9f3d 2019-04-21 Inscape_ao add Reply Method in Command Parser
0:c347f602596d 2019-04-20 Inscape_ao create UartReceiver, CommandParser