A version of the mbed waveplayer, but setup for the mbed application board PWM speaker and audio out jack

Dependents:   AppBoard_Waveplayer mbed_blinky LED_effects_w_sound ECE4180Lab3_RTOS ... more

Fork of wave_player by Steve Ravet



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#include <mbed.h>

typedef struct uFMT_STRUCT {
  short comp_code;
  short num_channels;
  unsigned sample_rate;
  unsigned avg_Bps;
  short block_align;
  short sig_bps;

/** wave file player class, taking a pointer to an AnalogOut object.
 * Example:
 * @code
 * int main() {
 *  FILE *wave_file;
 *  printf("\n\n\nHello, wave world!\n");
 *  wave_file=fopen("/sd/44_8_st.wav","r");
 *  waver.play(wave_file);
 *  fclose(wave_file); 
 * }
 * @endcode
class wave_player {

/** Create a wave player using a pointer to the given AnalogOut object.
 * @param dac AnalogOut object to which the samples are sent.
wave_player(AnalogOut *_dac);

/** the player function.
 * @param wavefile  A pointer to an opened wave file
void play(FILE *wavefile);

/** Set the printf verbosity of the wave player.  A nonzero verbosity level
 * will put wave_player in a mode where the complete contents of the wave
 * file are echoed to the screen, including header values, and including
 * all of the sample values placed into the DAC FIFO, and the sample values
 * removed from the DAC FIFO by the ISR.  The sample output frequency is
 * fixed at 2 Hz in this mode, so it's all very slow and the DAC output isn't
 * very useful, but it lets you see what's going on and may help for debugging
 * wave files that don't play correctly.
 * @param v the verbosity level
void set_verbosity(int v);

void dac_out(void);
int verbosity;
AnalogOut *wave_DAC;
Ticker tick;
unsigned short DAC_fifo[256];
short DAC_wptr;
volatile short DAC_rptr;
short DAC_on;

//void play_wave(FILE *wavefile,AnalogOut *dac);
//void dac_out();