waverplayer RTOS demo - at present time older libraries were needed to avoid SD open errors - so don't update them

Dependencies:   SDFileSystem_OldbutworkswithRTOS mbed-rtos mbed wave_player

Fork of WavePlayer_HelloWorld by jim hamblen

This is a demo of the waveplayer using the RTOS on an SD card. I had to use older libraries to get it to work as of 4/18/17 on the LPC1768. Updating libraries adds a lot of compiler warnings about filesystem stuff, and it seems to cause SD card open errors.

Tue Apr 18 13:00:09 2017 +0000
Old libraries for SD,filesystem,mbed,RTOS were needed to get the waveplayer to work with the RTOS. Don't update at present time code always gets an SD card open error - but this version works

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