Mbed Client sample for GR-LYCHEE where ZXing is incorporated.

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Fork of GR-PEACH_mbed-os-client-ZXingSample by Renesas


This sample program shows how to use mbed Client together with ZXing which is an open-source, multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library. For more info on ZXing, please refer to https://github.com/zxing/zxing.

Required hardware

Application setup

  1. Select the connection type. For details, please refer to the following wiki:
  2. Set the client credentials. For details, please refer to the following wiki:
  3. Change Wifi settings. For details, please refer to the following wiki:

Building the example

To build this example:

  1. Import this example onto mbed Compiler.
  2. Configure the example in accordance with Application setup.
  3. Compile the example on mbed Compiler and download the resultant binary file.
  4. Plug the micro-USB cable into the OpenSDA port which lies on the next to the RESET button.
  5. Copy the binary previously downloaded to your PC to GR-LYCHEE to flash this example. When the copy is successfully completed, the board is ready to work.
  6. Press the RESET button on the board to run the example.
  7. For verification, please refer to the following wiki:

Application resources

This example exposes four resources listed below:

  1. 3202/0/5700. Decode result of barcode data input from camera (GET).
  2. 3201/0/5850. Blink function, blinks LED when executed (POST).
  3. 3201/0/5853. Blink pattern, used by the blink function to determine how to blink. In the format of 1000:500:1000:500:1000:500 (PUT).
  4. 3201/0/5855. Blink color, used by the blink function. Any of green, yellow, orange and red is acceptable (PUT).


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