Implementation of the CellularInterface for u-blox C027 and C030 (non-N2xx flavour) modems that uses the IP stack on-board the cellular modem, hence not requiring LWIP (and so less RAM) and allowing any AT command exchanges to be carried out at the same time as data transfers (since the modem remains in AT mode all the time). This library may be used from mbed 5.5 onwards. If you need to use SMS, USSD or access the modem file system at the same time as using the CellularInterface then use ublox-at-cellular-interface-ext instead.

Dependents:   example-ublox-cellular-interface example-ublox-cellular-interface_r410M example-ublox-mbed-client example-ublox-cellular-interface ... more


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
42:98808477a691 2020-01-06 mudassar0121 Replaced depreciated wait_ms with ThisThread::sleep_for default tip
41:69998003d95a 2020-01-01 fahimalavi mbed-os 5.15: String-based APIs are deprecated
40:9299d6d117f1 2019-11-22 mudassar0121 set full_functionality in test_set_new_rat
39:f038c51be44f 2019-11-20 mudassar0121 Reboot modem after connection drop
38:c3ad075a347b 2019-11-11 mudassar0121 updated tests: as 'disable_psm' function name changed to 'disable_power_saving_mode'
37:0ceb2dfc746c 2019-10-09 Updated test cases for C030_R41XM
36:9d48ec522cb4 2019-08-19 Fix to read OK as well
35:ca29480080ac 2019-08-08 mudassar0121 is_context_active decleration
34:ca02f8448085 2019-08-08 Added context status check before activation
33:5d5ce25405d4 2019-08-06 mudassar0121 build fix
32:cba63ca70edc 2019-08-05 mudassar0121 merge branch 'profile_polling' to default
31:07c9c5c3fb88 2019-08-02 mudassar0121 Polling to check profile activation profile_polling
30:0f571a4920c8 2019-08-01 fahimalavi edrx test case added and UPSND support added in disconnect modem stack
29:773cfb0fe56c 2019-07-29 fahimalavi Minor fix : no need to activate profile if already activated
28:aef4a3de0de3 2019-06-24 fahimalavi Deprecated CellularBase replaced with CellularInterface
27:3d709ee8c3e1 2019-05-23 updated RAT and MNO test cases
26:4f28a1eaa2aa 2019-05-22 Updates for R412M
25:aabc50bc418e 2019-05-20 fahimalavi Merging : Context activation in case of R412M (2G, NB1, CAT-M1)
24:35d5b2a02df8 2019-04-19 define and activate context in case of R412M
23:9098a541452b 2019-05-20 fahimalavi Merging URAT test cases, MNO Profile testcases and warning removal
22:63b1a3c02fb8 2019-05-13 mudassar0121 RAT and MNO profile tests
21:2a500a881a5a 2019-05-08 SanaMasood static warning removed
20:2e8e1c573e18 2019-02-12 COMMON PAL feature removed
19:7013521e75e7 2019-01-30 Made changes not to disconnect modem stack for target C030-R41xM
18:1f34f8d0c850 2019-01-25 Macro updated for C030-R412M as don't need to create profile
17:7b033423126c 2019-01-17 Build error fixed, set_plmn is pure virtual method
16:2b30a056ae54 2018-10-30 amq Add ability to set priority for the Rx thread
15:8cc9a80ac0ad 2018-03-26 RobMeades Add a check in socket_recv() and socket_send() to see whether the socket has been closed by the remote host. If it has, return NSAPI_ERROR_NO_SOCKET immediately. This is necessary as the socket layers above us have no way of knowing if the remote host has closed the socket. Such a check is not required for socket_recvfrom() and socket_sendto() as UDP has no concept of a socket-connection in the first place.
14:e7dcf3388403 2018-03-02 RobMeades Make sure that the event handler thread is closed cleanly in all cases and add tests that this is the case, both for sleep and for memory.
13:39264b492ce7 2018-01-10 RobMeades Replace R410M lines accidentally removed.
12:ff6fac481487 2018-01-09 RobMeades Remove spurious debug parameter.
11:cc41a8636f7e 2018-01-02 mudassar0121 Support added for R410M
10:ba18f4418ee8 2017-10-30 RobMeades Merge pull request from amq: usord and usorf can potentially return more data than originally requested, handle this situation if it occurs.
9:ffab574dcc20 2017-09-27 fahim alavi Config file added
8:edac5187d765 2017-08-03 Correct JSON formatting by adding a missing comma.
7:3b2ca10cc23a 2017-06-30 Connect now fails correctly if it cannot achieve a connection, rather than trying for ever.
6:63dad754c267 2017-06-15 Improve template, add extra time for gethostbyname() as it seems to take an age on some networks, rename "driver" to "interface" for consistency with the PPP test suite.
5:f6706249d076 2017-06-13 Make debug prints conditional on _debug_trace_on.
4:96ced7d9b7ac 2017-06-13 Merge
3:c998512df3d0 2017-06-13 Move UbloxCellularBase up to top level, otherwise there can be duplication.
2:c89190eda594 2017-06-12 RobMeades Update library versions.
1:bc228becc45d 2017-06-12 Tested on C027.
0:7ccf0e7e8a83 2017-06-12 RobMeades Initial commit, not yet compiling but I'm tired of doing everything in the on-line IDE so I need to publish to take the code off-line.