This class adds HTTP, FTP and CellLocate client support for u-blox modules for the C027 and C030 boards (excepting the C030 N2xx flavour) from mbed 5.5 onwards. The HTTP, FTP and CellLocate operations are all hosted on the module, minimizing RAM consumption in the mbed MCU. It also sub-classes ublox-cellular-driver-gen to bring in SMS, USSD and modem file system support if you need to use these functions at the same time as the cellular interface.

Dependencies:   ublox-at-cellular-interface

Dependents:   example-ublox-at-cellular-interface-ext HelloMQTT ublox_new_driver_test example-ublox-at-cellular-interface-ext ... more

diff -r 5392f412d2b0 -r 1874c0d2c70e ublox-at-cellular-interface.lib
--- a/ublox-at-cellular-interface.lib	Fri Jun 26 10:32:02 2020 +0500
+++ b/ublox-at-cellular-interface.lib	Fri Jun 26 11:33:47 2020 +0500
@@ -1,1 +1,1 @@