Generic Pelion Device Management example for various U-blox-based boards.

Dependencies:   ublox-at-cellular-interface ublox-cellular-base


This example application is not maintained and not recommended. It uses an old version of Mbed OS, Pelion DM, and Arm toolchain. It doesn't work with Mbed Studio.

Please use:

This example is known to work great on the following platforms:

For Odin-W2 please go to Repository link

Follow the Quick-Start instructions:



Example functionality

This example showcases the following device functionality:

  • On user button click, increment Pelion LWM2M button resource.
  • Allow the user to change the state of the board LED from Pelion LWM2M led_state resource and PUT request.
  • (currently disabled) Read ADC temperature and ADC vref, and report them as Pelion LWM2M resources.

Use this example with Mbed CLI

1. Import the application into your desktop:

mbed import

cd pelion-example-common

2. Install the CLOUD_SDK_API_KEY


For instructions on how to generate your API key, please see the documentation.

3. Initialize firmware credentials (done once per repository). You can use the following command:

mbed dm init -d "<your company name in Pelion DM>" --model-name "<product model identifier>" -q --force

If above command do not work for your Mbed CLI, please consider upgrading Mbed CLI to version 1.8.x or above.

4. Compile and program:

mbed compile -t <toolchain> -m <TARGET_BOARD>

(supported toolchains : GCC_ARM / ARM / IAR)


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
16:6ce2f11ceb3f 22 months ago qasimublox Configuration changes for C030_R412M default tip
15:d93358925e8e 22 months ago fahimalavi UBLOX Cellular Base library version updated
14:034e2e950470 22 months ago fahimalavi Odin-W2 support removed and ublox cellular base library version updated
13:f5b874c31495 22 months ago fahimalavi Reverting back to changeset 11 to support C030_R412M
12:dd17519b5e30 2019-07-04 fahimalavi Reverting back as Odin-W2 has build error with Mbed-os 5.12.4 and SMCC, reverting back to 230af466efc4
11:7cdc7397d270 2019-07-03 fahimalavi Build errors fixed for ODIN_W2 platform
10:4c2ed226f5a8 2019-06-24 fahimalavi Updating example to use ublox-at-cellular-interface
9:b00e45dffe1a 2019-06-11 fahimalavi json configuration updated for R412M and bootloader file added
8:a5e9f1f94ade 2019-06-11 fahimalavi Support of C030-R412M added, mbed-os updated to 5.12.4
7:230af466efc4 2019-03-27 screamer Imporve inline documentation
6:2fb5057c0e42 2019-02-20 screamer Updated to Mbed OS 5.11.4 and SMCC
5:717231a186df 2018-12-18 screamer Update to mbed-os-5.11.0
4:dc1c3cb4d143 2018-12-16 screamer Update default WiFi SSID/password
3:3b2db67b206e 2018-12-16 screamer Updated main application for pin names and inline documentation
2:18e78518ee6f 2018-12-16 screamer Updated bootloaders
1:a50c1e691ff1 2018-12-11 screamer Hide sensors under ENABLE_SENSORS macro until the underlying ST target reiceves ADC temp and vref pin descriptions
0:a076a1bbe630 2018-12-10 screamer Initial revision