Version of easy-connect with the u-blox cellular platforms C027 and C030 added.

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Fri Nov 03 13:01:23 2017 +0000
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Add comment concerning N2XX baud rate.

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--- a/easy-connect.h	Thu Sep 14 09:42:14 2017 +0100
+++ b/easy-connect.h	Fri Nov 03 13:01:23 2017 +0000
@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@
 //#include "UbloxATCellularInterfaceN2xx.h"
 // Parameters added to the call here simply to show how debug can be switched on
+// For the N2xx interface, change xxx to MBED_CONF_UBLOX_CELL_N2XX_BAUD_RATE.
 UbloxATCellularInterfaceExt cellular(MDMTXD, MDMRXD, MBED_CONF_UBLOX_CELL_BAUD_RATE, true);
 //UbloxPPPCellularInterface cellular;
 //UbloxATCellularInterface cellular;