portable version of the cumulocity demo

Dependencies:   C027_Support C12832 LM75B MMA7660 MbedSmartRest mbed-rtos mbed

Fork of MbedSmartRestMain by Cumulocity Official


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
56:2da813cc2f47 2014-10-03 ublox update dependency default tip
55:ed3a2751a2b5 2014-10-01 mazgch update dependency, remove special pin names in this project as they are part of the target sdk
54:7dcc8898d87d 2014-09-03 Cumulocity Merged with latest
53:76de473cf5a7 2014-09-03 Cumulocity Added APN for Telekom Deutschland
52:8f1370084268 2014-08-13 vwochnik minor refactoring and improvement
51:e193db6ac7cb 2014-07-29 Cumulocity switch back to original C027_Support library
50:4e8b3f8e7134 2014-07-28 Cumulocity use forked library
49:ac0ba9d54ebc 2014-07-28 Cumulocity increased library stability, gps tracking, minor fixes
48:d5e21301543e 2014-07-25 Cumulocity comment out reset functionality
47:89ae46d5c466 2014-07-24 Cumulocity major update
46:f6976fd64387 2014-07-24 Cumulocity implement device credential reset; show username/password on display
45:5d8feae26fe3 2014-07-24 Cumulocity add display output
44:e34e48130533 2014-07-24 Cumulocity added apn
43:eff77697d88c 2014-07-24 Cumulocity fix bootstrap
42:104746744af8 2014-07-24 Cumulocity added telekom apn, minor improvements
41:804f6a0bda26 2014-07-15 Cumulocity refactoring of mbed agent
40:13c24225f189 2014-07-10 Cumulocity updated to new library version
39:badc47133845 2014-07-09 Cumulocity update to new library
38:464feb06b961 2014-07-09 Cumulocity add credentials
37:4a7f58dd03d2 2014-07-07 Cumulocity use authorization api
36:2f6a023f0504 2014-07-07 Cumulocity fix device bootstrap
35:ee1c6289e617 2014-07-03 vwochnik official cumulocity library
34:8a0556f39161 2014-07-03 vwochnik fix library
33:b7d7e6fc421e 2014-06-12 vwochnik device bootstrapping
32:56804dd00193 2014-05-28 vwochnik fix
31:912c140ee050 2014-05-26 vwochnik prepare for device bootstrap
30:daa499571db7 2014-05-26 vwochnik fix disconnect
29:853741b9ea3b 2014-05-26 vwochnik minor fixes for modem connection
28:2004400abeec 2014-05-25 vwochnik update info functions to new driver. use apn db.
27:bfd402593acc 2014-05-22 vwochnik change u-blox modem driver
26:26e9899e2cbe 2014-04-16 vwochnik fix
25:8604bef314c1 2014-04-16 vwochnik fix
24:8f9b678a7932 2014-04-15 vwochnik fix
23:0a48eebaaba8 2014-03-24 vwochnik fix
22:3a595f7826af 2014-02-20 vwochnik fix
21:f74b80a0cb38 2014-02-20 vwochnik fix
20:ef9cc1b42e9d 2014-02-20 vwochnik fix
19:7bee744fe527 2014-02-18 vwochnik fix
18:6bce406b3da2 2014-02-18 vwochnik fix
17:877a9a3148a4 2014-02-18 vwochnik fix
16:94d6eae3195a 2014-02-18 vwochnik fix
15:0ccf0f530a05 2014-02-18 vwochnik fix
14:56da550a1baa 2014-02-18 vwochnik fix
13:4045b6ac448d 2014-02-16 vwochnik fix
12:beb64aa0da86 2014-02-14 vwochnik fix
11:6f8f70a6dd46 2014-02-12 vwochnik fix
10:d5cd4a7ada7b 2014-02-12 vwochnik fix
9:5e182f6e5e9b 2014-02-12 vwochnik fix
8:940c782eec5e 2014-02-12 vwochnik fix
7:f77afd49c35d 2014-02-12 vwochnik fix
6:642e7c233e83 2014-02-10 vwochnik fix
5:dee05a7c70f9 2014-02-05 vwochnik fix
4:363b4cc49445 2014-02-02 vwochnik fix
3:32834ef7cb56 2014-01-30 vwochnik fix
2:50013e2c3eb7 2014-01-30 vwochnik fix
1:f37f692db40d 2014-01-27 vwochnik fix
0:ed4d6fd405ea 2014-01-24 vwochnik program