support library for C027 helper functions for Buffer Pipes, Buffered Serial Port (rtos capable) and GPS parsing. It includes modem APIs for USSD, SMS and Sockets.

Dependents:   HTTPClient_Cellular_HelloWorld Cellular_HelloMQTT MbedSmartRestMain Car_Bon_car_module ... more

This library is intended to be used with u-blox products such as the C027 or a shield with u-blox cellular and GPS modules like the cellular and positioning shield from Embedded Artist.

For 2G/GSM and 3G/UMTS you need to:

  • have a SIM card and know its PIN number
  • need to know you network operators APN setting These setting should be passed to the connect or init and join functions. You can also extend the APN database in MDMAPN.h.

For CDMA products you need to make sure that you have provisioned and activated the modem with either Sprint or Verizon.

Revisions of GPS.cpp

Revision Date Message Actions
139:fd9fe498f142 2017-04-20 update for additional baud rate parameter in new mbed 5 File  Diff  Annotate
95:8282dbbe1492 2014-06-17 added use of mutex and wait for Rtos systems File  Diff  Annotate
76:f7c3dd568dae 2014-05-19 - properly manage power in con/destructors ; - disable the stdout/stderr/stdin if the modem shares the same port (class DevNull) File  Diff  Annotate
75:ce6e12067d0c 2014-05-16 minor tweaks File  Diff  Annotate
74:208e3e32d263 2014-05-15 initial version of restructured u-blox library File  Diff  Annotate
46:8ce9169e0747 2014-05-06 Some targets (FSC) do not like repeated starts after reads File  Diff  Annotate
45:ebc2fd8dcf21 2014-05-05 make more portable to other cpus File  Diff  Annotate
31:a0bed6c1e05d 2014-04-09 restructure the modem APIs make them more robust File  Diff  Annotate
24:0e287a85ac9e 2014-04-08 merged branches File  Diff  Annotate
21:c4d64830bf02 2014-04-08 improved modem library (network, sockets, sms, ussd) File  Diff  Annotate
20:535ef78655df 2014-03-17 fix angle api, only one MDM constructor File  Diff  Annotate
19:2b5d097ca15d 2014-03-24 prepare for native C027 platform support; add api to get lat/lon; better separation of mdm libarary from serial File  Diff  Annotate
18:e5697801df29 2014-03-14 extend Api for GPS and GNSS File  Diff  Annotate
15:5eda64e5b9d1 2013-11-22 - rebase the serial pipe on SerialBase; - fix nonblocking put File  Diff  Annotate
11:b084552b03fe 2013-11-14 update api File  Diff  Annotate
10:3f1c13a8763d 2013-11-14 fix compare File  Diff  Annotate
9:e7a5959ffae1 2013-11-10 update support library (tx pipe) File  Diff  Annotate
7:9aa830f5811e 2013-11-09 fix parsing problems in pipe File  Diff  Annotate
6:775aef3f1d1f 2013-11-09 only num read bytes that we have available File  Diff  Annotate
4:c959dd4c5fe8 2013-10-25 small fix File  Diff  Annotate
3:c7cd4887560d 2013-10-25 added sending of msgs File  Diff  Annotate
2:b6012cd91657 2013-10-25 GPS for Serial and I2c File  Diff  Annotate