A quick example of a simple WiFi application using the WiFi and network-socket APIs that is provided as a part of mbed-os.

The program brings up the WiFi and the underlying network interface, and uses it to scans available networks, connects to a network, prints interface and connection details and performs simple HTTP operation.

Supported hardware:

Not that the mbed target board the WiFi shield gets connected to shouldn't have any other network interface e.g. Ethernet.

ESP8266 is a fallback option and will be used if the build is for unsupported platform.

Revisions of main.cpp

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91:dab9882e2b49 2019-01-09 Cleanup and simplify the example (#144) File  Diff  Annotate
77:b74ac6641a3e 2018-08-31 Remove external drivers File  Diff  Annotate
74:af086eac5e99 2018-08-13 Don't delete interfaces. All interfaces are now static File  Diff  Annotate
72:b4761c52cc91 2018-07-26 Check that WifiInterface is found File  Diff  Annotate
71:a0fbcc153b55 2018-07-24 Update application to support default interfaces from Mbed OS 5.9.x File  Diff  Annotate
67:ebff4a8d228d 2018-06-18 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mbed-os-5.9.0-oob' File  Diff  Annotate
66:2cf02c7d430c 2018-06-06 ONME-3694: Check network interface and socket error codes. File  Diff  Annotate
63:99e063d738ee 2018-06-05 Add ISM43362 driver support for STM32 wifi DISCO boards File  Diff  Annotate
44:63be19b7a3db 2017-11-21 Add STM WiFi expansion boards `X-NUCLEO-IDW0XX1` File  Diff  Annotate
37:3a31525e2971 2017-09-29 Continue exmaple only if WIFI APNs are found File  Diff  Annotate
35:052c1ba06ce7 2017-09-26 Get rid of \r\n by adding newlines to mbed_app.json File  Diff  Annotate
33:12f0df4d51d7 2017-09-26 User strlen() instead of sizeof for calculating string length File  Diff  Annotate
32:bca3f5f442b3 2017-09-08 Add compiler check for Morpho form factor File  Diff  Annotate
24:323569a565ec 2017-07-07 Made sure entire buffer is transmitted File  Diff  Annotate
21:b2f2f6a840b4 2017-06-22 Add Realtek RTL8195A support File  Diff  Annotate
10:5b5beb106156 2017-02-07 Use mbed_app.json to define wifi pins File  Diff  Annotate
1:aea78e21a7da 2016-10-27 Merge pull request #4 from ARMmbed/arduino_ff File  Diff  Annotate
0:857719181846 2016-10-26 Initial commit File  Diff  Annotate