This is a very simple guide, reviewing the steps required to get Blinky working on an Mbed OS platform.

Mbed OS Blinky

This example shows the use of a DigitalOut object to represent an LED and use of the nonblocking Thread::wait() call. Using nonblocking calls is good practice because Mbed OS can schedule and run other threads while the first thread is waiting.

Building this example

Building with Arm Mbed CLI

To use Mbed CLI to build this example, follow the instructions in the documentation. The instructions here relate to using the Arm Online Compiler.

To use the Online Compiler, import this code into the Online Compiler, and select your platform from the top right. Compile the code using the compile button, load it onto your board and press the reset button on the board. The code will run on the board, and you will see the LED blink.

You can find more instructions for using the Mbed Online Compiler in the documentation.

Tue Jan 08 12:45:03 2019 +0000
Merge pull request #155 from deepikabhavnani/print_fix

Set the baudrate to default and reduce prints in blinky
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mbed_official 82:abf1b1785bd7 1 /* mbed Microcontroller Library
mbed_official 82:abf1b1785bd7 2 * Copyright (c) 2018 ARM Limited
mbed_official 82:abf1b1785bd7 3 * SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
mbed_official 82:abf1b1785bd7 4 */
mbed_official 82:abf1b1785bd7 5
Jonathan Austin 0:2757d7abb7d9 6 #include "mbed.h"
mbed_official 82:abf1b1785bd7 7 #include "stats_report.h"
Jonathan Austin 0:2757d7abb7d9 8
Jonathan Austin 0:2757d7abb7d9 9 DigitalOut led1(LED1);
Jonathan Austin 0:2757d7abb7d9 10
mbed_official 88:bea4f2daa48c 11 #define SLEEP_TIME 500 // (msec)
mbed_official 88:bea4f2daa48c 12 #define PRINT_AFTER_N_LOOPS 20
mbed_official 88:bea4f2daa48c 13
Jonathan Austin 1:846c97078558 14 // main() runs in its own thread in the OS
mbed_official 82:abf1b1785bd7 15 int main()
mbed_official 82:abf1b1785bd7 16 {
mbed_official 88:bea4f2daa48c 17 SystemReport sys_state( SLEEP_TIME * PRINT_AFTER_N_LOOPS /* Loop delay time in ms */);
mbed_official 82:abf1b1785bd7 18
mbed_official 88:bea4f2daa48c 19 int count = 0;
Jonathan Austin 0:2757d7abb7d9 20 while (true) {
mbed_official 82:abf1b1785bd7 21 // Blink LED and wait 0.5 seconds
Jonathan Austin 0:2757d7abb7d9 22 led1 = !led1;
mbed_official 88:bea4f2daa48c 23 wait_ms(SLEEP_TIME);
mbed_official 82:abf1b1785bd7 24
mbed_official 88:bea4f2daa48c 25 if ((0 == count) || (PRINT_AFTER_N_LOOPS == count)) {
mbed_official 88:bea4f2daa48c 26 // Following the main thread wait, report on the current system status
mbed_official 88:bea4f2daa48c 27 sys_state.report_state();
mbed_official 88:bea4f2daa48c 28 count = 0;
mbed_official 88:bea4f2daa48c 29 }
mbed_official 88:bea4f2daa48c 30 ++count;
Jonathan Austin 0:2757d7abb7d9 31 }
Jonathan Austin 0:2757d7abb7d9 32 }