Example program for the ESP8266Interface running Espressif Firmware

Dependencies:   ESP8266Interface NetworkSocketAPI mbed


This example code assumes your ESP8266 is running the Espressif Firmware. For instructions on how to update your ESP8266 to use the correct firmware see the Firmware Update Wiki Page.

This program demonstrates how to open, close, send and recv from the ESP8266 using the Network Socket API.


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24:471a07e886ae 2015-12-28 sam_grove update example program to use NTP
23:9ca7d3d1a2df 2015-08-13 bridadan Updating ESP8266Interface and mbed library
22:1d355289fc18 2015-08-05 sarahmarshy DNS example in main
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17:72de842c27b4 2015-07-21 sarahmarshy Working receive command
16:bb0a5b830dc5 2015-07-17 sarahmarshy Test UDP socket dev and ESP8266 implementation
15:e48b3c6558b1 2015-07-16 sam_grove small formatting updates
14:c47437f5dae8 2015-07-15 bridadan Updating libraries and example program to match new APIs.
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12:31aad4e3317e 2015-07-15 sam_grove Update NetworkSocketAPI dependency
11:b7e531a4d661 2015-06-18 sam_grove change wifi->connect to wifi->open for sockets
10:ca389819e01e 2015-06-17 sam_grove update WifiRadioInterface by removing socket folder. implementation now part of the WiFiRadioInterface
9:da5a230fa4f4 2015-06-17 sam_grove update example program adding sockets access
8:cb6e31861ac9 2015-06-17 sam_grove update to comments
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