A C12832 LCD with generic interface

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Fork of C12832 by Chris Styles



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/* mbed TextDisplay Library Base Class
 * Copyright (c) 2007-2009 sford
 * Released under the MIT License: http://mbed.org/license/mit
 * A common base class for Text displays
 * To port a new display, derive from this class and implement
 * the constructor (setup the display), character (put a character
 * at a location), rows and columns (number of rows/cols) functions.
 * Everything else (locate, printf, putc, cls) will come for free
 * The model is the display will wrap at the right and bottom, so you can
 * keep writing and will always get valid characters. The location is 
 * maintained internally to the class to make this easy


#include "mbed.h"

 * TextDisplay interface
class TextDisplay : public Stream {

     * Create a TextDisplay interface
     * @param name The name used in the path to access the strean through the filesystem
    TextDisplay(const char *name = NULL);

     * Output a character at the given position
     * @param column column where charater must be written
     * @param  row where character must be written
     * @param c the character to be written to the TextDisplay
    virtual void character(int column, int row, int c) = 0;

     * Return number of rows on TextDisplay
     * @results number of rows
    virtual int rows() = 0;

     * Return number if columns on TextDisplay\
     * @results number of rows
    virtual int columns() = 0;
    // functions that come for free, but can be overwritten

     * Redirect output from a stream (stoud, sterr) to  display
     * @param stream stream that shall be redirected to the TextDisplay
    virtual bool claim (FILE *stream);

     * Clear screen
    virtual void cls();
     * Change the cursor position to column, row (in pixels)
    virtual void locate(int column, int row);
    virtual void foreground(uint16_t colour);
    virtual void background(uint16_t colour);
    // putc (from Stream)
    // printf (from Stream)

    virtual int _putc(int value);
    virtual int _getc();

    // character location
    uint16_t _column;
    uint16_t _row;

    // colours
    uint16_t _foreground;
    uint16_t _background;
    char *_path;