Basic implementation of Xbus message parsing and generation for embedded processors. The code has no dependencies and should also work for other MCU architectures than ARM provided a C99 compiler is available.

Dependents:   MTi-1_example_LPC1768 MTi-1_rikbeun MTi-1_example MTi-1_example

For an example of using the Xbus library to communicate with an MTi-1 series device using a full-duplex UART see:

Import programMTi-1_example

Example of using Xbus library to communicate with an MTi-1 series device using a full-duplex UART connection.



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 * \copyright Copyright (C) Xsens Technologies B.V., 2015.
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#include "xsdeviceid.h"

 * \brief Return true if device ID corresponds to a MTi-1 series device.
bool XsDeviceId_isMtMk4_X(uint32_t deviceId)
	uint8_t deviceSeries = (deviceId >> 20) & 0xF;
	return ((deviceSeries == 0x8) || (deviceSeries == 0xC));

 * \brief Get a string describing the function of the MTi device.
char const* XsDeviceId_functionDescription(enum DeviceFunction function)
	switch (function)
		case DF_IMU:
			return "Inertial Measurement Unit";

		case DF_VRU:
			return "Vertical Reference Unit";

		case DF_AHRS:
			return "Attitude Heading Reference System";

	return "Unknown device function";