Helper library to use modem_ref driver.

Dependencies:   WizziCom WizziDebug ram_fs modem_ref

Dependents:   D7A_Localisation D7A_1x_demo_D7-LoRa D7A_1x_demo_ping_pong D7A_1x_demo_receive_file_data ... more


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
73:cf4195c72d4e 4 weeks ago Jeej Sanity commit. default tip
72:15bf99fcfed9 5 months ago Jeej Fixed responses
71:b5c584f706ee 5 months ago Jeej Fixed memory leak. ALP payload is now consumed.
70:753b602bd7bd 5 months ago Jeej Sanity commit. Only warn when unexpected tag.
69:8f2fe2426ef9 6 months ago Jeej Sanity commit. Reworked driver version. Partially functional. To be tested with all demo applications.
68:b2dd7309da44 6 months ago Jeej Sanity commit. Do not use.
67:a309358cdbbf 6 months ago Jeej Updated libs
66:a529d603be20 6 months ago Jeej Proper modem init
65:243e0ef07efb 14 months ago Jeej Publish
64:d624707636f9 14 months ago Jeej Fixed merge
63:8a6b7af19481 14 months ago Jeej Updated for v5.3.283
62:25ae437979ad 15 months ago Jeej Added sizeofof and typeofof macros.
61:8565bc7a6997 23 months ago Jeej WizziCom now uses DMA instead of interrupts.
60:524b4f20d332 2019-08-01 Jeej Updated for mbed-os 5.13
59:9667c9157b05 2019-08-01 Jeej Updated for mbed-os 5.13
58:f7105abdceed 2019-07-31 Jeej Updated for mbed-os 5.13
57:d6b0320051e8 2019-04-02 Jeej Updated WizziDebug
56:666de3a8cbaf 2019-02-20 Jeej Fix typo.
55:253582217960 2019-02-20 Jeej Added remote write root.
54:41a6cdc808a8 2019-02-08 Jeej Fixed typo.
53:4bc9b305b0cd 2019-02-07 Jeej Sanity commit.
52:2ace5df974a4 2019-02-04 Jeej Fix buffer sizes
51:f09ae27bf23e 2019-02-04 Jeej modem_ref update
50:033e9d2ed22d 2018-12-14 Jeej Delete revision file only if found.
49:035512e64fdd 2018-11-26 Jeej Fixed file not found error case in notify_revision
48:beb06c0bdb1e 2018-10-30 Jeej Added missing print
47:cf88f0f370cb 2018-10-17 Jeej Do not do anything if this is not a modem.
46:7f8a0228bcf8 2018-10-12 Jeej modem_ref fix
45:382159015b55 2018-10-11 Jeej Relaxed version check to use modem from 5.0.36 in order to be able to update them via the dash7board.
44:7563b8e53e1d 2018-10-10 Jeej New notify host revision API.
43:90c9221c1430 2018-10-04 Jeej Added Error print function.
42:4476acb21bb6 2018-10-04 Jeej Revert uncommented line.
41:f5d021d16aff 2018-10-04 Jeej Updated for v5.2.310+
40:2c27d677bc59 2018-09-26 Jeej Reverted library
39:c6874105b3d6 2018-09-26 Jeej Updated deserializer
38:0263914280b7 2018-09-21 Jeej Added missing include.
37:7386c5c5bb9f 2018-09-20 Jeej Removed unused warning.
36:7cea3c6d7a63 2018-09-06 Jeej Updated for modem 5.2.184+
35:827c1bb16e85 2018-08-29 Jeej Handle ALP parsing error.
34:ba80b23556b6 2018-08-27 Jeej rxlev and link budget are now u8
33:ba076f4a1b75 2018-07-19 Jeej Added modem autostart file
32:15adf6484259 2018-07-18 Jeej Added kal_math.h file
31:b258f6398278 2018-06-04 Jeej Updated to v5.1.174
30:df7f9183410c 2018-05-16 Jeej Added hwcfg for display demo
29:5815b6886bbe 2018-03-13 Jeej Added alp_fs.h file.
28:d3b2889f9fab 2018-03-05 Jeej Activated dynamic ISM band selection for LoRaWAN. (versions 5.0.0+)
27:37a1e81dd2dc 2018-03-05 Jeej Updated for 5.0.x
26:63dc482efb4e 2018-02-27 Jeej Added Busy URC and callback
25:95a06f3c09dc 2018-01-31 Jeej Updated library.
24:3696c1723095 2018-01-31 Jeej Updated for CUP demo.
23:4ef5c82089a3 2018-01-31 Jeej Updated bad revision message.
22:dccf7ff5fa7e 2018-01-29 Jeej Relaxed revision check for 4.10.x.
21:21a74abd5cb5 2018-01-19 Jeej Relaxed version check
20:8e6a7f4e06a1 2017-12-21 Jeej Changed confusing pin names.
19:62c45cd64372 2017-12-14 Jeej ASSERT on send/read data too big
18:0e9f431467cc 2017-12-14 Jeej Sanity commit
17:bb9069b32b22 2017-12-13 Jeej Added some prints
16:2b479d684110 2017-12-12 Jeej Updated for modem v4.13.x
15:c90efeb6bd6a 2017-09-22 Jeej Moved version value to .cpp
14:4f6cce2988f7 2017-09-21 Jeej Updated lib