Exportable version of WizziLab's modem driver.

Dependents:   modem_ref_helper


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
46:9b83866cef2c 3 months ago Jeej Updated for mbed-os 5.13 default tip
45:6a4c373e1178 9 months ago Jeej Fix typo.
44:656cbcc7843b 9 months ago Jeej Added remote write root.
43:6e3b117f1d67 9 months ago Jeej Fixed typo.
42:87bf0654cb7b 11 months ago Jeej Fixed size of resp
41:6f83174ffed4 11 months ago Jeej v5.3.90
40:62b7f6d25772 13 months ago Jeej Fixed ITF unspecified error
39:bc4fccf2d84b 13 months ago Jeej Removed dbg prints
38:73ad040ae741 13 months ago Jeej Revert uncommented line.
37:f5424d109c6d 13 months ago Jeej Updated for v5.2.310+
36:ac99535c4843 14 months ago Jeej Updated deserializer
35:ac940cf8ebe6 14 months ago Jeej Updated for modem 5.2.184+
34:137ae523ca43 14 months ago Jeej Handle ALP parsing error.
33:62c1a26e7e84 15 months ago Jeej RXlev and link budget are now u8
32:0d95f66f654a 16 months ago Jeej Added modem autostart file
31:517fc900afba 16 months ago Jeej Added kal_math.h file
30:74aa36420c61 17 months ago Jeej Updated to v5.1.174
29:9c8c46206eab 18 months ago Jeej Updated CUP.
28:bfe23b8ca496 20 months ago Jeej Added alp_fs.h file.
27:918293e12f1b 20 months ago Jeej Activated dynamic ISM band selection for LoRaWAN.
26:2c934a269914 20 months ago Jeej Updated for 5.0.x
25:14c01b9fc04d 21 months ago Jeej Added Busy URC and callback
24:3d8dd1d6e3de 21 months ago Jeej Remove debug message.
23:5553f9541759 21 months ago Jeej Added cup file.
22:db4d6bef62f3 23 months ago Jeej Removed unused field in LoRaWAN interface.
21:d5018a680915 23 months ago Jeej ASSERT on send/read data too big.
20:17852941b19e 23 months ago Jeej Added some prints
19:701d5669f2e9 23 months ago Jeej Updated for modem v4.13.x
18:a11302a76e96 24 months ago Jeej Added remote read file function.
17:b4ea2a912fd3 2017-09-22 Jeej No NOP OP if istat is not asked.
16:3cdc2e00f5ed 2017-09-21 Jeej Removed unreachable statement.
15:1fcfc23d3a6a 2017-09-21 Jeej Updated d7 files.
14:a9c324663732 2017-09-20 Jeej Get ACKS istats
13:10589aaf8853 2017-09-18 Jeej Added root permission functions.
12:848b813aae99 2017-08-25 Jeej Added WizziCom simple deserializer.
11:a077da5fe68f 2017-07-18 Jeej Update to 4.9.124
10:24878b4c3cee 2017-05-17 Jeej Remove unused variable.
9:2f921fe9c519 2017-05-17 Jeej Fix UNS parsing.
8:97875739f11a 2017-05-16 Jeej Added uns callback.
7:7d23ccd0bbbd 2017-05-15 Jeej Added DASH7 file system references.
6:581caeee80e8 2017-05-12 Jeej Read header function. Istat on send file content.
5:32ccddf80952 2017-05-11 Jeej Disable prints.
4:8f031be3ff7d 2017-05-11 Jeej Enable/disable prints
3:2b6d7ca523eb 2017-05-11 Jeej Reduced file rights to supported modes only.
2:bcf269540633 2017-05-09 Jeej Commented error check as it clashes with the RTOS
1:40ead20ecb14 2017-05-05 Jeej Updated to last version.
0:027760f45e2c 2017-05-03 Jeej Exportable version of WizziLab's modem driver.