Program to update the D7A modem's firmware.

Dependencies:   modem_ref_helper DebouncedInterrupt


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
32:e3ee65b5b835 4 weeks ago Jeej Release SH2050 v5.3.217 default tip
31:b9117984247d 6 months ago Jeej Release SH2050 v5.3.154
30:aaecdf92ce42 7 months ago Jeej Release v5.3.139 for SH2050 v5.2.x
29:aa16a927f0eb 11 months ago Jeej Release v5.2.358 for SH2001 and SH2050 v5.0.36.; SH2030 no longer supported.
28:5c9c420c666e 18 months ago Jeej Added possibility to reset the firmware.
27:25be84b17eec 18 months ago Jeej Release v5.0.36 for v4.10+
26:7fc24677a950 19 months ago Jeej Release v5.0.13 for v4.10+
25:cf50a4098334 23 months ago Jeej Release SH2050 v4.11.3 for v4.10.x; Enables the modem's LoRaWAN stack.
24:3aa9b3b4a89c 24 months ago Jeej Release SH2050 v4.10.0 (ECC) for v4.9.x (revised)
23:365775929293 24 months ago Jeej Release v4.10.1 (ECC) for v4.7.x
22:f2b01e5e087e 24 months ago Jeej Release SH2050 v4.10.1 (ECC) for v4.9.x
21:308466f40058 2017-09-15 Jeej Release SH2050 v4.10.1 for v4.7.x
20:100143cecc41 2017-07-10 Jeej Release SH2050 v4.7.364 (revised)
19:46fbf11dfe3b 2017-07-10 Jeej Release SH2050 v4.7.364
18:a8a640941018 2017-04-24 Jeej Fixed slack calculation
17:05c9ec970a6d 2017-03-14 Jeej Release 4.7.232 (For modems 4.7.x only. For 4.6.x use the previous Release)
16:5a6168dbe7bb 2017-03-13 Jeej Release 4.7.232
15:24434827c575 2017-03-10 Jeej Sanity commit 4.7.232
14:450dd9a72336 2017-02-03 Jeej Release v4.7.124
13:c3324b26d473 2017-01-11 Jeej Sanity commit 4.7.28 test
12:beabd59e0c35 2017-01-06 Jeej Added L432KC platform.
11:3c6ef9b1be8a 2016-11-15 Jeej Release v4.6.10
10:a568511d470d 2016-11-14 Jeej Release v4.6.2
9:bd53ca2aece5 2016-11-10 Jeej Sanity commit v4.6.2
8:914b7aff5554 2016-11-10 Jeej Release 4.6.0 - revised
7:5b8648784381 2016-11-10 Jeej Release v4.6.0
6:438faf76ad71 2016-11-03 Jeej Updated libraries.
5:ac38f09fd179 2016-11-02 Jeej release v4.5.0
4:23cb73bb11b3 2016-10-26 Jeej Added auto-reset after upgrade.
3:a59c8d77006b 2016-10-26 Jeej Implemented automatic src offset shift.
2:e0cdfa7d2a8b 2016-10-26 Jeej Added instructions.
1:765933092750 2016-10-26 Jeej release v4.4.12
0:82a60d86ab2e 2016-10-26 Jeej release v4.4.10