HTTP SD Card File Server

Dependencies:   SDFileSystem WIZnetInterface mbed

Fork of HTTP_SD_Server_K64F by FRDM-K64F Code Share

HTTP_SDCard_File_Server_WIZwiki W7500

HTTP SDCard File Server

This program is forked from made by Greg Steiert.

This program is for example of WIZwiki-W7500 shows the file list of SD card through Web-Browser.

For porting WIZwiki-W7500, I have change this program as the following

  • LED1 : blink every 1s
  • LED2 : Trun on while client is connected

SPI Pin map for SD card interface

  • SDFileSystem sd(PB_3, PB_2, PB_1, PB_0, "sd"); WIZwiki-W7500

Remove mbed-rtos lib

Replace EthernetInterface with WIZnetInterface lib




Connect to WIZwiki-W7500 through Web-Browser

  • Terminal


  • Web-Browser


Click [img] directory


Click [WIZnet_log_IoT.png] file


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