DDNS use No-IP

Dependents:   TCPEchoClient-WIZwiki-W7500


This is DDNS_NoIP Library. DDNS(Dynamic DNS) host name is linked up to the uesr's dynamic IP address. Whenever the IP changes a dynamic DNS client will send an update to No-IP with the current IP address and then No-IP propagates the DNS change to the internet within seconds.

DDNS Configuration

NoIP Site

https://www.noip.com/ /media/uploads/joon874/1.png


Hardware Configuration

WIZwiki-W7500 Pin map

pin map



/* Set ID Pass and Hostname */
void userSetNoIP(char* idpass, char* hostname);

/* Upload DDNS IP Address */
void updateNoIP(void);

/* Check DDNS IP Address */
void checkIp(void);


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