Using Camera module, FTP Client on WIZwiki-W7500, send the image data to FTP Server.

Dependencies:   CameraC328 SDFileSystem WIZnetInterface mbed-src

Fork of Camera_FTP_WIZwiki-W7500 by Ricky Kwon


This example send the image data acquired from the camera to an FTP Server.

To implement this function, you need a Platform board, network Interface board, camera module.

Available camera modules are C328, LJ-DSC02. Because the cameras listed above all have similar internal protocols.

This example uses LJ-DSC02.

  • WIZwiki-W7500 from WIZnet (Platform board and Ethernet I/F board)
  • LJ-DSC02 (Camera module)
  • FTP Server(AL FTP)
  • Micro SD Card

Hardware Configuration


  • connect Ethernet Cable & USB Cable
  • connect Camera module


Init FTP Server information

static char ID[]={"abc"};                   //Set FTPServer Login ID
static char PASSWORD[]={"123"};             //Set FTPServer Login Password
const char ftpServer_control_ip_addr[] = "";


Must fix FTP server ip, id, pass


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