A program for IoT demonstration with mbed, EnOcean and MQTT.

Dependencies:   IBMIoTClientEthernetExample C12832 EthernetInterface MQTT USB400Serial USBHost mbed

Fork of IBMIoTClientEthernetExample by IBM Watson IoT

--- a/LPC1768.h	Wed Aug 20 13:46:35 2014 +0000
+++ b/LPC1768.h	Wed Oct 01 13:27:35 2014 +0000
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
  * Contributors:
  *    Ian Craggs - initial implementation
+ *    Sam Grove  - added mehtod to check the status of the Ethernet cable
 #if !defined(LPC1768_H)
@@ -19,15 +20,29 @@
 C12832 lcd(p5, p7, p6, p8, p11);
 DigitalOut led2(LED2);
-PwmOut r(p23); PwmOut g(p24); PwmOut b(p25);
+PwmOut r(p23);
+PwmOut g(p24);
+PwmOut b(p25);
 MMA7660 MMA(p28, p27);
 LM75B sensor(p28, p27);
-DigitalIn Down(p12); DigitalIn Left(p13); DigitalIn Click(p14); DigitalIn Up(p15); DigitalIn Right(p16);
-AnalogIn ain1(p19); AnalogIn ain2(p20);
+DigitalIn Down(p12);
+DigitalIn Left(p13);
+DigitalIn Click(p14);
+DigitalIn Up(p15);
+DigitalIn Right(p16);
+AnalogIn ain1(p19);
+AnalogIn ain2(p20);
 #define LED2_OFF 0
 #define LED2_ON 1
 #define DEFAULT_TYPE_NAME "iotsample-mbed-lpc1768"
+#include "lpc_phy.h"
+// need a wrapper since K64F and LPC1768 wont have the same name for mii read methods
+static uint32_t linkStatus(void)
+    return (lpc_mii_read_data() & 1);
\ No newline at end of file