DipCortex PwmOut Example

Dependencies:   mbed

Fork of DipCortex-PWM by Carl - SolderSplash Labs

PwmOut Example for the DipCortex

Mbed PwmOut library can use the following pins :

Timer/Match Register	Pinout Options
CT16B0/MR0	p15 (P0_8) and p19 (p1_13)
CT16B0/MR1	p16 (P0_9) and p20 (p1_14)
CT16B0/MR2	p27 (P1_15) and p27 (p1_15)

CT16B1/MR0	p24 (P0_21)
CT16B1/MR1	p9 (P0_22) and p38 (P1_23)

CT32B0/MR0	p17 (P1_24) and p26 (P0_18)
CT32B0/MR1	p29 (P1_25) and p25 (P0_19)
CT32B0/MR2	p35 (P1_26)

Please refer to the Pin Out diagram for the WiFi DipCortex to avoid Pins used to communicate with the CC3000 http://www.soldersplash.co.uk/products/wifi-dipcortex/


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