This is a driver for the segment LCD found on the Silicon Labs EF32 Giant, Leopard and Wonder Gecko platforms. NOTE: This driver will not work with other platforms, because it contains EFM32-specific code.

Dependents:   EFM32 RDA5807M RDS Radio EMF32-Segment-Touch-Demo EMF32_ShowKey blinky_EFM32_Giant ... more



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6:114aa75da77b 2015-05-04 stevew817 Add pin defines for WG and LG default tip
5:e692ded4462b 2015-05-04 stevew817 Fix compiler errors
4:b00dd7d93faf 2015-03-18 Steven Cooreman Typo
3:4e4f16874281 2015-03-18 Steven Cooreman Add destructor to segmentLCD driver, block correct sleep mode.
2:ee5ef7bb4fb0 2015-03-17 Steven Cooreman Documentation update
1:5335eb33bfcb 2015-03-17 Steven Cooreman Documentation update
0:559902e88130 2015-03-17 Steven Cooreman Initial commit