This is a driver for the segment LCD found on the Silicon Labs EF32 Giant, Leopard and Wonder Gecko platforms. NOTE: This driver will not work with other platforms, because it contains EFM32-specific code.

Dependents:   EFM32 RDA5807M RDS Radio EMF32-Segment-Touch-Demo EMF32_ShowKey blinky_EFM32_Giant ... more


All examples in this repo are considered EXPERIMENTAL QUALITY, meaning this code has been created as one-off proof-of-concept and is suitable as a demonstration for experimental purposes only. This code will not be regularly maintained by Silicon Labs and there is no guarantee that these projects will work across all environments, SDK versions and hardware.



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6:114aa75da77b 2015-05-04 stevew817 Add pin defines for WG and LG default tip
5:e692ded4462b 2015-05-04 stevew817 Fix compiler errors
4:b00dd7d93faf 2015-03-18 Steven Cooreman Typo
3:4e4f16874281 2015-03-18 Steven Cooreman Add destructor to segmentLCD driver, block correct sleep mode.
2:ee5ef7bb4fb0 2015-03-17 Steven Cooreman Documentation update
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