a library to use GPRS like ethernet or wifi, which makes it possible to connect to the internet with your GPRS module

Dependencies:   BufferedSerial

Dependents:   ThinkSpeak_Test roam_v1 roam_v2 finalv3

Fork of GPRSInterface by wei zou

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Modem Class Reference

Modem class. More...

#include <modem.h>

Inherited by GPRS.

Public Member Functions

 Modem (PinName tx, PinName rx)
 Create Modem Instance.

Protected Member Functions

int readline (char *buf, int len, uint32_t timeout=DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_MS)
 Read a line.

Detailed Description

Modem class.

Used for Modem communication. attention that Modem module communicate with MCU in serial protocol

Definition at line 40 of file modem.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Modem ( PinName  tx,
PinName  rx 

Create Modem Instance.

txuart transmit pin to communicate with Modem
rxuart receive pin to communicate with Modem

Definition at line 48 of file modem.h.

Member Function Documentation

int readline ( char *  buf,
int  len,
uint32_t  timeout = DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_MS 
) [protected]

Read a line.

bufthe buffer to store a line
lensize of the buffer
timeoutwait time (ms)
-1 if timeout, length of the line if otherwise

Definition at line 19 of file modem.cpp.