Mbed OS Device Management example for various ST boards.


This example application is not maintained and not recommended. It uses an old version of Mbed OS, Pelion DM and Arm toolchain. It doesn't work with Mbed Studio.

Please use: https://os.mbed.com/teams/mbed-os-examples/code/mbed-os-example-pelion/

This example is known to work great on the following platforms:

  • DISCO_L475E_IOT01A - onboard WiFI and onboard QSPI flash. Board specific example using onboard sensors is available here.
  • DISCO_F413H - onboard WiFI and onboard QSPI flash.
  • DISCO_F469NI - WizFi310 WiFI shield and onboard QSPI flash (see WiFi shield instructions).
  • DISCO_F746NG - onboard Ethernet and using onboard QSPI flash.
  • DISCO_F769NI - onboard Ethernet and using onboard QSPI flash.
  • DISCO_L496AG - WizFi310 WiFI shield and onboard QSPI flash (see WiFi shield instructions).
  • NUCLEO_F207ZG - onboard Ethernet and wired SD card (SD card wiring instructions).
  • NUCLEO_F412ZG - WizFi310 WiFI shield and SD card shield (see WiFi shield instructions).
  • NUCLEO_F429ZI - onboard Ethernet and wired SD card (SD card wiring instructions).
  • NUCLEO_F746ZG - onboard Ethernet and wired SD card (SD card wiring instructions).
  • NUCLEO_F767ZI - onboard Ethernet and wired SD card (SD card wiring instructions).
  • NUCLEO_L476RG - WizFi310 WiFI shield and SD card shield (see WiFi shield instructions).
  • NUCLEO_L496ZG - WizFi310 WiFI shield and SD card shield (see WiFi shield instructions).
  • NUCLEO_L4R5ZI - WizFi310 WiFI shield and SD card shield (see WiFi shield instructions).

Follow the Quick-Start instructions: https://cloud.mbed.com/quick-start


Example functionality

This example showcases the following device functionality:

  • Read ADC temperature and ADC vref, and report them as Pelion LWM2M resources (see image below).
  • On user button click, increment Pelion LWM2M button resource.
  • Allow the user to change the state of the board LED from Pelion LWM2M led_state resource and PUT request.


SD card wiring

The ST Nucleo family of boards don't have storage onboard and therefore you will need an SD card. A limitation on ST Nucleo 144 boards is that there's a conflict between Ethernet and SPI pins on Arduino D11. Due to this, the SD card must be wired to different SPI bus that doesn't conflict with other functionality. The image below provide instructions on how to wire an SD card to a non-conflicting SPI instance.


If you are not a first-time Pelion Device Management user your device's SD card may already have connect and update certificates on it. If this is the case, remove and manually format your micro SD card, flash the binary to the device and then re-insert your micro SD card.

WiFi shield setup/wiring

Some ST Nucleo and Discovery boards don't have IP connectivity option, but bundled with a WiFi shield, they can take benefit of full device management capabilities. See links to reference images below on how to wire WizFI310 WiFi shield and/or SD card shield:

Use this example with Mbed CLI

1. Import the application into your desktop:

mbed import /teams/ST/code/pelion-example-common

cd pelion-example-common

2. Install the CLOUD_SDK_API_KEY


For instructions on how to generate your API key, please see the documentation.

3. Initialize firmware credentials (done once per repository). You can use the following command:

mbed dm init -d "<your company name in Pelion DM>" --model-name "<product model identifier>" -q --force

If above command do not work for your Mbed CLI, please consider upgrading Mbed CLI to version 1.8.x or above.

4. Compile and program:

mbed compile -t <toolchain> -m <TARGET_BOARD>

(supported toolchains : GCC_ARM / ARM / IAR)

Mon Dec 10 21:02:36 2018 +0000
Add default certificate files

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screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 1 // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 2 // Copyright 2016-2017 ARM Ltd.
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 3 //
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 4 // SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 5 //
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 6 // Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 7 // you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 8 // You may obtain a copy of the License at
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 9 //
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 10 // http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 11 //
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 12 // Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 13 // distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 14 // WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 15 // See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 16 // limitations under the License.
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 17 // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 18
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 19 #ifdef MBED_CLOUD_CLIENT_USER_CONFIG_FILE
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 20 #include MBED_CLOUD_CLIENT_USER_CONFIG_FILE
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 21 #endif
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 22
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 23 #include <stdint.h>
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 24
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 25 #ifdef MBED_CLOUD_DEV_UPDATE_ID
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 26 const uint8_t arm_uc_vendor_id[16] = { "dev_manufacturer" };
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 27 const uint16_t arm_uc_vendor_id_size = sizeof(arm_uc_vendor_id);
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 28
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 29 const uint8_t arm_uc_class_id[16] = { "dev_model_number" };
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 30 const uint16_t arm_uc_class_id_size = sizeof(arm_uc_class_id);
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 31 #endif
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 32
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 33 #ifdef MBED_CLOUD_DEV_UPDATE_CERT
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 34 const uint8_t arm_uc_default_fingerprint[32] = { 0 };
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 35 const uint16_t arm_uc_default_fingerprint_size =
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 36 sizeof(arm_uc_default_fingerprint);
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 37
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 38 const uint8_t arm_uc_default_certificate[1] = { 0 };
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 39 const uint16_t arm_uc_default_certificate_size =
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 40 sizeof(arm_uc_default_certificate);
screamer 3:108c0af2b7c8 41 #endif