Firmware library for the X-NUCLEO-NFC01A1 Dynamic NFC Tag board.

Dependencies:   M24SR

Dependents:   NFC M2M_2016_STM32 MyongjiElec_capstone1 IDW01M1_Cloud_IBM ... more

Fork of X_NUCLEO_NFC01A1 by ST Expansion SW Team

X-NUCLEO-NFC01A1 Dynamic NFC Tag Expansion Board Firmware Package


This firmware package includes Components Device Drivers, Board Support Package and example applications for STMicroelectronics X-NUCLEO-NFC01A1 Dynamic NFC Tag Expansion Board based on M24SR.

Firmware Library

Class X_NUCLEO_NFC01A1 is intended to represent the Dynamic NFC Tag Expansion Board with the same name.
It provides an API to access to the M24SR component and to the three onboard LEDs.
It is intentionally implemented as a singleton because only one X_NUCLEO_NFC01A1 at a time might be deployed in a HW component stack.
The library also provides an implementation of the NDEF library API for M24SR, providing an simple way to read/write NDEF formatted messages from/to the M24SR dynamic NFC tag.

Example applications

1. Hello World
2. Asynchronous Hello World


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
37:059115ea6ece 2017-08-08 nikapov Link to M24SR library. default tip
36:38cca9c4c3d8 2017-08-07 nikapov Update mbed lib.
35:7b2b4dbed7ae 2017-07-13 Davidroid Control code added to the "M24SR_SendSelectNDEFfile()" function.
34:b76765d2cc68 2017-07-12 Davidroid Updated to fit ARM coding style.
33:e6b7e74be1d5 2017-07-12 Davidroid Updated to fit ARM mbed coding style.
32:9fc4f9195d28 2017-05-18 giovannivisentini fix RemoveAllPasswordCallback callback name
31:85fdf6fd3da5 2017-05-15 giovannivisentini remove M24SR_IO_PollI2C function
30:68fa3accb6b4 2017-05-18 giovannivisentini Implement a correct M24SR_IO_PollI2C function
29:7a2dfd06cb29 2017-04-28 giovannivisentini Aligned to ARM mbed coding style.
28:e0d4ffa90f8b 2016-10-27 giovannivisentini manage the case of pins configured as "Not Connected"
27:3881985097bb 2016-09-30 giovannivisentini use ST_INTERFACES instead of internal Nfc_class.h
26:2090378b0b51 2016-02-03 giovannivisentini fixed an issue with indentation/docs
25:caa16fd0e50b 2016-02-03 giovannivisentini update docs
24:9f98eafa2d39 2016-02-02 giovannivisentini update docs
23:d07138541feb 2016-02-01 giovannivisentini update docs
22:ac2e9a086341 2016-02-01 giovannivisentini add default value for the gpocallback
21:ccc4f3fed4b3 2016-01-29 giovannivisentini move abstract function inside the Nfc class + rename killSession to ForceGetSession
20:aad5727cb8c6 2016-01-28 giovannivisentini fix reading and password managment
19:0b65a5813059 2016-01-28 giovannivisentini add async api
18:10def2fefa8a 2016-01-22 giovannivisentini remove unused code and register the exeption only when needed
17:c750fff4a096 2016-01-19 giovannivisentini protect the global variable enabling/disabling the interrupts + avoid to read the gpo when the interrupt is fired
16:b0d62f4b185a 2016-01-19 giovannivisentini more roubust interrupt handle
15:67e136b6921d 2016-01-15 giovannivisentini move the NFC_InitTypeDef struct as M24SR_InitTypeDef
14:7e3d436b19ee 2016-01-15 giovannivisentini remove cube dependency in the m24sr and m24sr_class headers
13:840a9c7f90b9 2016-01-15 giovannivisentini remove cube dependency in the m24sr and m24sr_calss headers
12:d1f5eaa85deb 2016-01-14 giovannivisentini nfc_class not require m24sr.h
11:a798ebea69fa 2016-01-12 giovannivisentini Nfc_class doesn't depent by m24sr.h;
10:482175f7ae66 2016-01-14 giovannivisentini fix compile error
9:9f2e2e68d695 2016-01-14 giovannivisentini update documentation 3
8:5e637c71cbb3 2016-01-11 giovannivisentini update comments 2
7:19fc04b8fec6 2016-01-11 giovannivisentini update docs
6:96389fb79676 2015-12-22 giovannivisentini add the NdefNdfTagM24SR
5:71d13a8d9ce0 2015-12-22 giovannivisentini merge, add default pin
4:cb1b4304a93e 2015-12-22 giovannivisentini add static to utility function
3:fa914de381ae 2015-12-21 giovannivisentini add default pin to the nucleo_nfc01a1 class
2:35b4626e5305 2015-12-21 giovannivisentini move the TypeNfcTagM24SR class in a separate library
1:15d4a123ef6b 2015-12-03 giovannivisentini Add License
0:969a2be49f41 2015-12-03 giovannivisentini move the driver files in a separate library