Library to handle the X-NUCLEO-6180XA1 Proximity and ambient light sensor expansion board based on VL6180X.


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Fork of X_NUCLEO_6180XA1 by ST Expansion SW Team

X-NUCLEO-6180XA1 Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor Expansion Board Firmware Package


This firmware package includes Components Device Drivers and Board Support Package for STMicroelectronics' X-NUCLEO-6180XA1 Proximity and ambient light sensor expansion board based on VL6180X.

Firmware Library

Class X_NUCLEO_6180XA1 is intended to represent the Proximity and ambient light sensor expansion board with the same name.

The expansion board is providing the support of the following components:

  1. on-board VL6180X proximity and ambient light sensor,
  2. up to three additional VL6180X Satellites,
  3. on-board 4-digit display

It is intentionally implemented as a singleton because only one X-NUCLEO-VL6180XA1 at a time might be deployed in a HW component stack. In order to get the singleton instance you have to call class method `Instance()`, e.g.:

// Sensors expansion board singleton instance
static X_NUCLEO_6180XA1 *6180X_expansion_board = X_NUCLEO_6180XA1::Instance();

Arduino Connector Compatibility Warning

Using the X-NUCLEO-6180XA1 expansion board with the NUCLEO-F429ZI requires adopting the following patch:

  • to remove R46 resistor connected to A3 pin;
  • to solder R47 resistor connected to A5 pin.

Alternatively, you can route the Nucleo board’s A5 pin directly to the expansion board’s A3 pin with a wire. In case you patch your expansion board or route the pin, the interrupt signal for the front sensor will be driven on A5 pin rather than on A3 pin.

Example Applications

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