AT Parser and bufferedSerial based SPWF library

Dependencies:   ATParser

Dependents:   X_NUCLEO_IDW01M1v2

Fork of SPWF01SA by ST Expansion SW Team


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
27:0dc1402f42a9 2017-01-13 mapellil Added gettime API default tip
26:70852d26853e 2017-01-13 mapellil Fixed AT cmd of cleanTLScertificate() API
25:6b79352bc1fa 2017-01-02 mapellil Added TLS secure socket API
24:419285201dba 2016-11-22 mapellil Improved RECV
23:0b01aa59bb6f 2016-11-03 mansiag Set Wi-Fi mode and rate to b/g/n
22:2eb9b3c54506 2016-10-24 mansiag Return -1 when timeout (for supporting non-blocking mode).
21:cd722edbb644 2016-09-27 mansiag Handling WIND messages just before incoming data in recv()
20:01031cd39e73 2016-09-21 mridup check for Pending WIND in recv till timeouts
19:df8d7f70a740 2016-09-21 mansiag modified recv() function
18:fd46c2ca8eb7 2016-09-16 mansiag minor change in SPWF connect
17:e1c30b4383e4 2016-09-09 mridup updating ATParser lib to ST/ATParser lib
16:aa67601954de 2016-09-07 mridup updating ATParser lib
15:e56c9e744ab6 2016-09-05 mansiag recv() modified to accept multiple wind:55 messages.
14:868b0fd4e84a 2016-08-19 mridup using generic pin names and re-wiring RST and WKUP pins to D15, D14
13:f21e4e73bbb6 2016-08-02 mridup debug_if, sock open time out, sock recv returns "device error" apart from "would block".
12:00bc9c029aec 2016-07-07 mridup change in socket recv
11:643a8c0f07ea 2016-07-07 mridup fix socket send
10:580379efe167 2016-07-04 mridup remove sockQ during recv and increasing recv timeout
9:5314a6659fad 2016-07-04 mridup updating libs
8:a4425b8dd2e4 2016-07-04 mridup fix ATParser for AT-response ending with numbers and no non-digit. ATParser pointing to mridup/ATParser.
7:551de95939e2 2016-06-30 mridup socket write
6:258b093eec08 2016-06-30 mridup spwf TCP UDP socket recv.
5:f17d6351e942 2016-06-30 mridup SPWF DHCP config support
4:042d5b9bb6e7 2016-06-30 mridup socket close
3:2af9df1068a5 2016-06-30 mridup client socket open
2:40d183d7dc19 2016-06-30 mridup SPWF getMACAddress()
1:becf69a794fb 2016-06-30 mridup SPWF getIPAddress()
0:9e5d98ceea74 2016-06-30 mridup first version of AT parser based SPWF library.